for all my autistic/adhd followers or anyone who just likes to fidget:


There’s this website called Stimtastic that sells toys and jewelry specifically designed for fidgeting with!

They’ve got phone cases with infinite bubble wrap (you can pop it as much as you want):

Rings that you can spin:

Even necklaces and jewelry designed to chew on:

(I just bought their “phoenix” chewable pendant)

Anyway, I’m autistic and I stim a lot so I got reallly excited when I found this, thought I’d share it with you guys.

April is “Autism Awareness Month”, so here are a few reminders for you to keep in mind:



  • Autism Speaks is a hate group.
  • The reasoning behind “Light It Up Blue” (that there are more autistic boys than girls) stems from a tendency in doctors to base their autism diagnoses on stereotypes and sometimes refuse to diagnose girls.
  • Most autistic people don’t want a “cure” for autism and don’t support Autism Speaks.
  • Autism Speaks has given abusive/ableist parents legitimacy by portraying autism as a terrifying, life-ruining affliction and sympathising with parents who have contemplated killing their children, or actually killed them.
  • The views of autistic people are more important in this topic than the views of our allistic family members and peers.
  • Autism is not a disease.
  • Very little (about 4%) of Autism Speaks’ proceeds go toward supporting autistic people. More of it goes toward catering.
  • Autism is not a tragedy.
  • What autistic people need is acceptance, not awareness. 

A charity that is actually awesome is the Autism Self Advocacy Network. If you want to donate, please donate to them not Autism Speaks.