I’m too lazy right now to search for a source but is this true?

Yep. The Nokmim. This was Abba Kovner’s group. He’s the skinny hatless guy in the back row of the photograph who looks like he’s a concert violinist or something.

there’s a book about them.







I gotta have some of that.

Psst in other words Thor thinks that Steve isn’t mortal.

okay but can we talk about this for a sec? like looking at the serum, and what it does. it keeps steve’s cells in peak condition, and you know what happens when cells age? their function declines, they stop working as they should. so the serum would see that as a problem, and fix it.

so, theoretically, the serum stops steve’s cells from ageing. potentially stopping their replication completely unless it was needed to heal him (if the cells aren’t dying naturally, there’s no reason for them to replicate)

so wouldn’t that mean, therefore, that steve himself doesn’t physically age? his cells don’t decline, he doesn’t decline (in addition to the convo about whether or not steve’s hair grows, for a similar reason) 

and then, take thor. thor the god, who knows so much that he doesn’t tell anyone. if anyone knew about this, thor would.

and the way he says it so offhandedly, he assumes steve knows it. but the way steve looks at him, either steve doesn’t know (or hasn’t realised) or does know and doesn’t want to be reminded about it

because an immortal surrounding themselves with mortals isn’t really a good idea if you want to keep yourself sane

My heart just died a little.

Now I’m imagining Thor casually doing his best to spend more time with Steve because he knows that when the time comes Steve is going to need someone