This may be weirdly specific, but it’s why I had a bad day, so… do you have any headcanons/scenes about any of the Amis being awkward and feeling like they’re bad at people/normal interaction, and being reassured by some of the others that they’re good just as they are?


Oooooh I’m so sorry you had a bad day Anon 😦 ♥ Imma give you my best ♥

  • Jehan once tried to compliment a girl on her rainbow dyed hair. They had been admiring her from afar for a week in XVIII philosophy class and they needed to get it off his chest. But once they got up to her, they just kind of lost track and didn’t know how to proceed, so she looked at them like they were a bit weird and they were devastated. Later, Marius and Feuilly noticed they weren’t in their normal state and took them out to a nice cat café for tea, cakes and cats to cheer them up.
  • Courfeyrac always tries to be there for everybody, to give attention and love but he ultimately ends up thinking that he’s never doing enough. And it drains him to his core and makes him sad “why can’t I be a good friend, they deservve so much and I can’t even bring it to them”. But Combeferre always knows, always notices and when these times come, he reminds Courfeyrac of all he does for others, how important he is and that he needs to be there for himself.
  • Joly often get nervous when he has to ask questions in class because med school is a lake full of sharks. So sometimes even though he really really wants to asks for clarification, he doesn’t raise his hand and beats himself up for hours afterwards. Luckily, Bossuet and Musichetta are here to get him into a comforting hug sandwich, telling him that it isn’t his fault, that he’s doing the best he can and that’s what matters. Combeferre told him to whisper the question he needed to ask to him so that in turn he could be the one saying them out loud.