Feuilly and Enjolras, obviously XD


It’s nearing midnight, probably, and Feuilly has been dozing on Enjolras’ shoulder, book long abandoned in his lap, for a good hour when Enjolras looks up from his own studies, blue eyes twinkling.

“You should go to bed,” he wraps an arm around Feuilly, trying to gently shake him awake. “You’ll hurt your neck and you’ll be exhausted tomorrow.”

Feuilly sighs deeply but doesn’t open his eyes.

“But y’hair smells good,” he mumbles, moving a little so he can settle more comfortably against Enjolras’ side. “’n it’s soft.”

Alright then, Enjolras smiles, and turns back to his book.


Headcanons for Bossuet and Joly?


  • Out of the two of them, despite popular belief, Joly is the clumsy one – Bossuet just happens to be on the receiving end of accidents more often than not. So, say there’s an unattended glass of wine on the table. Now, either Joly will accidentally knock it over, only for the contents to land in Bossuet’s lap, or the wine belonged to Bossuet and by the time he gets back to it Grantaire drank it.
  • This has never stopped Combeferre from asking them to assist in his experiments – Joly is more than enthusiastic and Bossuet’s just happy that his friend is happy, so the occasional need to evacuate the house is just a risk they all accept. Combeferre’s neighbours, well, not so much.
  • Actually it was Grantaire who introduced them to each other, before either of the three even knew what ‘Les Amis’ even were.
  • Bossuet’s nowhere nearly as proud as Marius or Feuilly when it comes to asking for help but even he draws the line somewhere – and Joly always finds a way to sneak around it. Oh, woe is me, will you look at what that useless tailor did? This coat is way too big for me! Still, it would be a shame to just throw it away, would you like it?
  • Both are very fond of practical jokes, but are also mindful of those who are not. Jehan, Enjolras, Feuilly and Combeferre are off limits, but no one else is safe. Musichetta included.
  • Bossuet is liable to leave a clutter but Joly prefers his flat clean and in order, which in turn has vastly improved Bossuet’s household habits. (Joly is reasonably well off and he does employ a cleaning lady, but she can’t take care of every single household chore.)
  • While Bossuet preferes to stay with Joly it’s not always possible – he has graced the sofas and spare matresses of each and every one of the core members of Les Amis before. Enjolras is a frequent target because he has a whole spare bedroom.
  • They never outright stated what’s going on between them… The common members of Les Amis and their other, looser acquaintances  only pick up that they are close friends and that’s that. The core members of Les Amis have just quietly filed away the fact that they belong together and either hold the opinion of ‘well, jolly good for them’ or chose not to further examine the question.
  • Joly would very much like a cat, but his landlord won’t let him. He makes up for this by feeding all the neighbourhood cats.
  • Joly makes a terrible fuss if Bossuet so much as sniffles.

7, 19, 20 for Marius/Courfeyrac?


7. What’s
the first thing that changes when they realize they have feelings for the

They both TOTALLY LOSE THEIR CHILL. Neither of them knows
how to deal with serious feelings; we see Marius’ disaster feelings with
Cosette in canon, and I tend to think that Courfeyrac’s breezy devil-may-care
attitude is at least partly defense again the fact that emotions are
terrifying. So both of them just turn super awkward and weird around each
other, and each one of them is so into his own awkwardness and trying to hide
everything that neither notices how weird the other is being.

19. Who
tells their family/friends about their relationship first?

doesn’t actually talk to his family, and all his friends are Courfeyrac’s
friends. Courfeyrac’s friends, however, are a bunch of busybody gossips it’s
impossible to keep anything from for long.

20.What do their family/friends think of their relationship?

doesn’t care so long as Marius doesn’t plan to marry him. He’s all for having
as many affairs as possible, even if some of them are with men. Theodule flirts
shamelessly with Courfeyrac even after finding out he’s taken, much to Marius
continual annoyance. His aunt is scandalized, but she was already perpetually scandalized by Marius’ existence so nothing much is new.

Amis as a collective entity are mildly bemused but supportive. Sure, date the
overly enthusiastic Bonapartist! We all liked him. Just please get him some
less embarrassing politics along the way.