Azelma Thénardier

Art-trade with @clauduscumclaudo, thank you! Btw, go and take a look at her blog, there’re so many beautiful drawings for my favourite fandoms!

Her expression is so alert and so worried? Ow, Azelma, poor kid. 

on the Thenardier women and cultural narratives



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Aaah I’m so glad I got to find this again;  it’s still one of the best pieces on Eponine, Azelma, their mom, and what might be going on with those “silly romances”  I’ve ever come across. Very recommended for anyone interested in more of the cultural context around Eponine and her family! 
(standard Thenardier Family warnings apply: discussion of abuse, sexism, etc.) 




actually I have one more character design for Azelma Thénardier, cause her mother’s hair is red, so she can be a readhead too… however, I’m not sure about this one. what do you think?

Ahh I like this! If it were animated, having her be red-haired would help her stand out more from her sister, since they’ve got pretty similar silhouettes (for obvious and necessary reasons, augh), and from Cosette when they’re all young.

I really like her little beauty marks that you always give her there on her cheek!