So I wasn’t going to do anything this year, and then suddenly this happened. It’s unproofread, so don’t hesitate to alert me to any typos – I’m super rusty at this, so I expect there are many.

Wordcount: 1529

Though Enjolras had ordered sleep, Feuilly was not alone in quietly tending to his affairs. Around him, men sorted through their pockets, refilled pipes, scribbled hasty notes to their loved ones on any scrap of paper they could find. He heard murmurs of conversation as his comrades sat in twos and threes, clasping hands and brushing shoulders. He had never been a soldier, but he somehow knew that this very scene had played out countless times before in countless places across the globe. He felt as though he were part of a never-ending play, as though he had stepped into a role played by countless actors before him, one that would be reprized until the bloody curtain of history at last fell on the human race. The thought offered as much comfort as it did despair – never had he felt himself more part of the world as he did now, squatting crouched behind their barricade, the streets beneath his feet uneven and dripping with blood and with history. He felt as though he could reach out and touch all the others who sat, as he did, awaiting death with open eyes and a steady heart.

“Are you not going to take our general’s words to heart?”

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Waiting on the Dawn


This was made very quickly, because what is Time and Time Management, but I wanted to do something for this Barricade Day.  In the days following the barricade’s fall, Musichetta takes care of some final requests for the Amis.

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To Live, Dying

Inspired by this gifset made by @and-thesunwillrise, I wrote this about 3 years ago, but I think it’s rather appropriate for Barricade Day, so… ^_^  Also, I never made an actual fic post for it, and I figured it was about time.

To Live, Dying (2284 words) by eirenical

Once the others had gone, the Captain finally moved, stepped over the bodies in the center of the room without even a passing glance. He knew them all. He knew their names, their faces, their habits and vices. He knew their loves and their hopes, their dreams for a brighter tomorrow – a tomorrow which would never come. Not in their lifetimes.

June 6th. It always came back to June 6th.

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August 21, 2013: I realize I only just posted Chapter 10 of FYFM. But this plot bunny grabbed hold of me a few days ago and just wouldn’t let me go until I’d satisfied it. It all started with this gifset. And-thesunwillrise made this amazing thing based off the fact that Hadley Fraser played both the Army Officer (whom I have given the name “Captain Durand” for the duration of this fic, because I don’t believe he has a canon name) in the LM movie and Grantaire in the LM 25th Anniversary Concert. The gifset layers the incredibly tender moment between Hadley!R and Ramin!Enjolras from Drink With Me over the moment when Hadley!Army Officer executes George!R and Aaron!Enjolras… which immediately made me want time loop fic of some kind.

…and here it is. *sheepish grin* That, uh… didn’t take long, did it? -.-;;;

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Les Misérables – All Media Types, Les Misérables – Schönberg/Boublil, Les Misérables (2012)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Major Character Death
Relationships: Enjolras/Grantaire, Enjolras (Tveit)/Grantaire (Blagden), Enjolras (Karimloo)/Grantaire (Fraser)
Characters: Grantaire (Les Misérables), Grantaire (Fraser), Army Officer (Les Miserables), Enjolras (Les Misérables), Enjolras (Karimloo), Courfeyrac (Les Misérables), Combeferre (Les Misérables), Joly (Les Misérables), Enjolras (Tveit), Grantaire (Blagden), Death – Character
Additional Tags: Canon Era, Canonical Character Death, Supernatural Elements, Death, Multiverse, Doomed Relationship, Heavy Angst, Angst, Personified Death, Angst with a Happy Ending, …sort of

Courfeyrac and Feuilly, “Shit, are you bleeding?!” or “You don’t have to stay.”


I Have Come To Sleep With You (2550 words) — Read on [AO3] []

Four blocks from the barricade, Feuilly finally stopped his headlong flight, arrested by a shortness of breath from a wound left behind by a bullet that had had his own name written upon it… and by a query so
softly voiced that he almost believed he had imagined it until he heard
it again.

“You are bleeding.”  A short pause.  "I believe you are wounded, my
friend.“  Another pause.  A wet laugh.  "You and I are a matched set, I
fear.  Come.  Sit with me, awhile.  Rest.  You are always racing about.
A force not to be—”  A harsh cough.  "—stopped.  It is why Enjolras
admires you so.“

February 20, 2015: Written for an angst meme on tumblr for takethewatch’s prompt: Courfeyrac and Feuilly, “Shit, are you bleeding?!” or “You don’t have to stay.” I ended up using both. You wanted angst? You’ve GOT angst. XD Enjoy? ;D

(Seriously, I’m not kidding about the Major Character Death thing. This is a canon era barricade fic. O_o;;; Sorry.)

Fandom: Les Misérables – All Media Types, Les Misérables – Victor Hugo
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Major Character Death
Relationships: Courfeyrac & Feuilly
Characters: Feuilly (Les Misérables), Courfeyrac (Les Misérables)
Additional Tags: Canon Era, On The Barricade, Not Kidding About That Major Character Death Warning, Angst, Despair
Series: Part 3 of Tumblr Prompt Meme

I have nothing new to offer for Barricade Day this year.  Unless I manage to write something when I get home tonight, which is highly unlikely.  So, in lieu of new things, how about I just reblog all of my old canon era stuff?  Most of which is horrifically angsty?  Sound good?  Y/Y?  ^_^