Les Amis + glasses

this started as just Ferre and Jehan rocking the same aesthetic but I have zero self control so

how about combeferre in a pacific rim au haven’t seen one of those in a while


“You know, most Mission Control techs don’t have to deal with their pilots bickering with each other while in the drift.  I mean, I know it’s an amazing phenomena and yes Joly and I are fascinated at how you two can manage to act in perfect synchronicity and carry on an argument at the same time, it’s a goldmine for our research.  I’m just saying.  Most Mission Control techs don’t have to deal with this shit.”  Combeferre takes a sip of his coffee and sits back, waiting.

Courfeyrac’s answer is a little delayed, as it always is when he’s drifting, but the glint of laughter is still there: “You know you love it.”

He makes sure the com is on mute before muttering, “I do.”