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Yessssssssssss.  ^____________^  OK, so we’ve discussed this many times before but Enjolras/Feuilly is definitely a ‘10′ ship for me (maybe an ‘11′ by now?  XD).  ^_^  They’re just too adorable because they respect and admire each other SO MUCH and can you imagine how good they’d be for each other?  I mean, they both suck at self-care because they get too wrapped up in their causes, but they’d be SO GOOD at taking care of each other.  *_*

But it took them a long time to get there.

They have such a slow courtship.  Seriously.  SO. SLOW.

When they first met, Feuilly was very closed off emotionally.  He was passionate, sure, but he didn’t open up about himself much.  He was quick to take up a cause, but slow to let anyone else in.  He’d lost too much in his life and he’d been hurt too often and it had turned him shy of making new friendships.  And he’d been so focused on getting out and doing better for himself that romance just never seemed to be in the cards.

Enjolras, OTOH, was an open book… he’d just never really thought about dating much. 
There were always other things
which took precedence – school, friends, injustice.  Who had time for
romance, right? 

If pressed he’d have
said that he was asexual and aromantic, since a history of a lack of interest must mean something, right?

But when he meets Feuilly, they just *click*.

Pfft.  No, they don’t.

(More behind the cut because this is getting long and turning into a mini-fic, good grief. O_o;;;)

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Les Mis Modern Aesthetic, Couples Edition: Enjolras x Feuilly

(I was starting to get skeptical that I’d have time to write a full fic for @lesmisrarepairs, so I had to at least do this for one of my favorite rare pairs.  ^_^  So… photoset and a snippet?)

“Wait.  Wait, wait, wait.  You want me to spend Thanksgiving Break at the Cape… with you.  Just… you and me.  No one else.  Did I hear that right?”

Enjolras swallowed hard against the feeling of nervous laughter doing its best to claw its way up his throat.  He’d blurted out the offer without letting it stop at his brain on the way to his mouth, without even considering how it would look from the other side of this conversation.  Feuilly was a freshman.  Enjolras was a first year law student.  They’d barely known each other three months, for all that they’d clicked as easily as Enjolras had with Combeferre four years prior—something that Enjolras hadn’t been able to say of anyone else, not even Courfeyrac.  

Enjolras had no idea what Feuilly usually did with his time at the holidays, if there was a foster family that still had enough space for him in their hearts to willingly take him in, if there were friends who’d already asked, if he even celebrated Thanksgiving, at all.  What Enjolras did know was that he, himself, had a loving family, a host of good friends, and more than his own fair share of invitations for the break… and how selfish was he to throw it all away on what must look like a whim?

Oh *gosh*, Enjolras had to say something.  Offer an explanation.  Make an excuse.  Something about Alpha-Beta-Kappa?  Maybe say that he was inviting everyone on the current board?  *Anything.*  Anything to get that look off of Feuilly’s face.  Anything to make this look less like what it must look like—a graduate student taking advantage of a freshman’s admiration, because that was what it must look like, right?

But before Enjolras even had a chance, the bemused look on Feuilly’s face eased, that small frown inverted into an even smaller smile and his entire posture softened.  Feuilly took a step closer, easing into Enjolras’ personal space as though he’d belonged there all along.  Enjolras’ breath stuttered and froze in his throat, his eyes going wide as Feuilly took his hand and entwined their fingers together.

Feuilly’s smile widened, and, as easily as that, Enjolras could breathe, again.  

“Enjolras… I’d be delighted.”

(…more to come if I have time between now and Saturday?  -.-;;;)

Brought to you by me just having finished my presentation outline. . . Everyone knows that Combeferre is super excitable about any topic he’s interested in and if he’s asked to present about it, he’ll go on and on and on, barely pausing for breath. Similarly, Grantaire will also ramble forever on his topics of interest because he can’t STAY on one topic and wanders all over the place when he presents on a topic. (1/2)


(2/3) What no one expects is that Feuilly is some epic combination of the two. He’s just as excitable as Combeferre and, just like Grantaire, he makes these leaps and bounds in connections between topics and if he’s talking about one, he just has to talk about the others because he just HAS TO SHARE ALL THE THINGS. 😀 Of course, Enjolras finds it so adorable that he’ll gladly let Feuilly expound on things all meeting long. The rest of Les Amis have learned to order dinner when he gets going, because they’re going to be there for a while. (But honestly, they’re all so happy to see Feuilly happy and excited about things that they’ll gladly sit and listen, too. But goodness help everyone if Combeferre is also excited about the thing because then they’re NEVER going home! ;D) 

ahhh! yes! The three of them together, too – if they’re at a restaurent or something, the waiter’ll have to kick them out eventually because they’ll be there for hours, just chatting.

OOPS.  Just remembered this.  But YES, omg, when the three of them get going they’d be RIDICULOUS.  By the time they’re three hours into the conversation no one even knows what it was they originally sat down to talk about.  They’d run to gamut of topics and could probably go on for hours and hours without repeating a single one.

…except if they’re all drunk.  If they’re all drunk, the conversation will absolutely still continue for hours, but favorite topics get trotted out and repeated over and over like teddy bears with the stuffing loved out of them.  And no one knows exactly how or who it is that starts it (it’s Combeferre. every time. except the one time it was feuilly because enjolras had sent him a video of his cat doing something ridiculously adorable and he’s been showing it to EVERYONE.) but if they’re drunk and having one of these rambling conversations it ALWAYS devolves into showing each other adorable cat memes, cat videos, etc. on their phones and crying over how adorable they are and really WHAT ARE CATS?? And then Grantaire will call Joly to cry about how great cats are and Joly and Bossuet will boggle for a minute that they’re all STILL AT THE MUSAIN, SERIOUSLY, WTF HAVE YOU BEEN DOING THERE ALL THIS TIME?? and will round up a few other amis to help get the trio home and tucked into their respective beds.

*coughs*  Sorry.  That image ran away with me.  ;D