bb-8 starts picking up swears from r2 and poe is appalled.

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Imagine BB-8 rolling up to Rey and Poe like “beep beep beep guess what I just learned” like a small kid and saying “fuck” or something equally as startling for something as cute and important and both Rey and Poe look shocked and Poe’s jaw drops a little and Rey goes “where did you learn that!?” like that’s not something that is supposed to be in a military droid’s basic vernacular and it couldn’t have learned it from humans because most swears don’t compute into droid so it had to be a droid and the proud if scared beeping replies “R2-D2” and the next thing you know both Poe and Rey are running down the base after this ancient droid that’s screaming and beeping frantically like “IT WAS AN ACCIDENT I FUCKING SWEAR”

Luke and Leia dying of laughter in the background.

Force Ghost!Anakin looking sheepish and trying not to laugh too hard because it’s his fault.

How much must Luke Skywalker be freaking out right now?





Can you imagine?

You are moping on your island of self-imposed exile, and then this girl shows up.

  • She’s flying your best friend’s ship. The ship that Han thought he lost for ever. The ship that was stolen and passed through so many hands that he was sure he’d never see it again. The same ship that took you away from home for the first time.
  • She’s accompanied by your personal droid. The droid you left behind and abandoned. The droid that C-3PO was sure would never be the same again.
  • She holds out her hand and she’s holding your father’s light saber. The sword you were sure was lost forever. The light saber that you dropped down a bottomless air shaft on a gas giant thirty years ago. The light saber you knew you would never see again.
  • You look up and you see her eyes. Maz Kanata says that if you live long enough, you see the same eyes looking out of different faces. The girl’s face is different, but those eyes are the same. You know those eyes. They’re the eyes you thought you’d never see again.

And that’s when you know it.

You’re screwed.

They say sometimes the Force works in mysterious ways. Sometimes, the Force will send you little signs. Subtle clues.

Other times, the Force will just beat you repeatedly over the head with a gigantic neon sign that says: “You can’t run away from your past anymore, Luke. I won’t let you. Look, here is your past come back to haunt you. Now deal with it.

You have no idea how much I adore this post with my whole being

I like the idea of the Force sending Luke little signs over the years that it’s time to return to his loved ones, gently increasing in intensity as he ignores them, until it finally gets fed up and shoves the events of Episode 7 into motion, finishing with a flourish of HERE’S YOUR NEW APPRENTICE, SPACE HOBO.

Aided and abetted by the ghost trio, I imagine. Especially since he did not look at all surprised.

Obi-Wan and Yoda sending him dreams and whispers for 15 years, before an exasperated Anakin pushed them aside “Excuse me, but you two are not very good at dealing with Skywalkers and have amply demonstrated that fact over the decades. We don’t do subtle. *appears giant-size over the sky* That’s it, Luke, we’re sending you all the things! So PULL YOUR SHIT TOGETHER, SON!!