okay but Luke being gay would actually explain his interest in Leia A WHOLE LOT AND MAKES IT WAY LESS INCESTY

think about it

this boy is hella gay, like so so gay, he’s never been attracted to a girl in his life but maybe feels like he should, and then he meets Leia

he feels this connection, this pull to her, and because he’s never experienced attraction to a woman he thinks that this is what being attracted to girls feels like, when actually that’s not it at all, it’s just that his subconscious can sense that it’s his sister and that therefore she’s super important to him

gay Luke = sibling connection mistaken for attraction = LESS GROSS INCEST


Who was the Potter cat?



So we all know the Potters had a cat, right?

All we have per descriptions of this cat is that 1. It was enough of a Potter to make the list when they went into hiding and 2. Harry scared it with his new broom he got from Sirius.

There is further no mention of said cat.

On the other hand, don’t we know another, really old, beaten down, ugly, sad, sad cat?

A cat that befriended Sirius Black and seemed to KNOW Peter Pettigrew’s smell, hold a grudge against him, even?

Part-kneazle, so it has a remarkable ability for finding things that are shiny and that it has a connection to, like, say, a family member.

A cat that knows it’s way around Hogwarts, around the Whomping Willow, almost like it had been there before with another owner.

A cat that absolutely REFUSED to let Hermione leave that shop without him after seeing a certain rat, was CRAZED, almost.

We have no mention of this cat/kneazle’s age, except that it had been in the shop for a while and no one had wanted it. Magical creatures live a long time. Cats live a long time. It’s within reason that this cat could be 30, even 40 years old.

It makes too much sense.

The Potter cat is Crookshanks.

This is by far one of my favorite HP headcanon and no one can convince me that this isn’t real.


…This is exactly how this scene played out, right?

(In case it wasn’t obvious, Mace Windu/Nick Fury parody with Qui-Gon Jinn line stealing)


i’m so stupidly emotional about enjolras&feuilly? just their relationship in general.

and feuilly loves enjolras so much, because he’s so wonderful? he does so much and he’s such an amazing speaker and he’s so bright and kind and thoughtful, but he’s also really funny when he wants to be, in a awkward but earnest way that never ever fails to make feuilly smile. he has so much energy, just being near him feuilly feels like he has more energy to do all he wants to do, too. so he’ll always be happy and proud to stand by enjolras’ side and work with him and just be with him day to day; it’s like living with your own personal sun.

and enjolras loves feuilly so much too, admires him and how he thinks and his enthusiasm for learning that never, ever falters, even when things are shitty. how he always succeeds at everything he tries to do, because when he does something he works so hard at it, he gives it all he has, always. and how independant and strong he is, though he’ll always feel a little protective of him too because he knows feuilly deserves all the most wonderful things in the world but for most of his life he had fuck all, so enjolras will make sure feuilly gets to have good things and be happy now.

ahhhh i’m just.





Okay let me explain you a thing about Feuilly

Canonically, Feuilly is not obsessed with Poland because he likes Polish culture or the language or the food or something

Poland is Feuilly’s favorite cause

because at the time, Poland was not self-governing, but divided (partitioned) into three parts and ruled by Russia, Prussia, and Austria, and many young Romantics and politically aware students adopted Poland as their pet cause

Feuilly, being extremely compassionate and almost entirely self-taught, would have found the partitioning of Poland absolutely horrifying, and therefore would have been extremely passionate about the cause

(and yes there was definitely humor in Hugo having Feuilly go into battle to overthrow the French king shouting for Poland, but the point still stands)

I feel like I’ve made this post before and I’m certain others have too but I’m gonna say it again because it makes me really mad when I read Les Mis modern AUs that have him still obsessed with Poland because he’s just in love with Poland without the authors understanding why Poland was his thing in the 18320s and 30s

In the modern day and age I feel like Feuilly would be much more concerned with things like civil and ethnic wars in Sub-Saharan Africa or the ongoing struggle in northern Africa for democratic government or the mess is still Israel and Palestine or the ethnic minorities in the Middle East and Asia who suffer from religious persecution and racism daily and are chased out of towns or even countries more than once a generation

It’s not the country he loves, okay? It’s that he’s concerned for the people, oppressed and divided

and I’m going to keep screaming this until it gets through peoples’ heads because you’re missing the entire point of the character

I’ve got a nit to pick regarding Feuilly shouting “Vive la Pologne.” It might seem like a strangely obsessive thing to say on your way to build a barricade in Paris, but it’s not there for comic relief. His acknowledgement of Poland wasn’t for the Parisians, it was for the Polish immigrants.

The reason Poland especially was his thing in 1832 is that in 1831 a major uprising in the Russian partition of Poland was brutally crushed. Many of those involved ended up fleeing to Paris where they formed a very politically active community. By 1832 there were loads of Polish language political journals and newspapers circulating.

These immigrants found Louis-Philippe disappointing, too. France was supposed to be their ally and they were kind of  expecting help to go back and liberate their country. Thus, loads of Polish groups in Paris ended up allying with French republicans. I expect Feuilly was calling on them to join the rebellion by expressing solidarity with the Polish cause and indicating that a republican government WOULD want to help them out.


Also, allegedly one of the most moving parts of Lamarque’s funeral (and something that definitely tipped the tone of the event towards ‘revolutionary’) was a procession of political exiles carrying the flags of their home countries, most of which didn’t even exist as countries at the time—Poland, Germany, Italy.

@kostyalevin, reblogging this post in answer to your question about Poland! I think it covers the topic pretty well! 


I just love this quote. It’s so easily overlooked, seen as unimportant, until you see the prequels. Because then you realize how utterly true and heartbreaking that phrase is. “He died about the same time your father did.” Meaning that Obi-Wan, that is, everything that made him who he was, his faith, his joy, his light, was murdered, killed, at the same time that Anakin was lost to the Dark Side. When Anakin became Vader, Obi-Wan became Ben. Anakin and Obi-Wan died together on that planet. Only Vader and Ben left it alive. One full of hate and darkness, the other a broken shell that was merely existing, not even really living. These two men were so deeply entwined, so bonded together in the force, that when one died, so did the other. That is the real definition of true love.

Fandom Policing





I really, really hate fandom policing. I hated it when I was twelve and was so afraid to read slash because OMG DICKS TOUCHING WHAT and I hated it when I was fifteen and was smuggling the yaois under my mattress so I would always have a supply of top notch garbage to read, and I am 24 and I hate it now.

Here is the thing: YOU CONTROL what you take in. I am not responsible for your consumption of Hydra Trash party noncon, I am not responsible for your consumption of pegging smut, and I am not responsible for your consumption of fluffy sickfic. I am not responsible for you consuming anything. 

I might be responsible for writing that noncon or pegging or sickfic, but I did not make you read it. I did not hand it to you, I did not give it to you. I created it, and made it available for those who want to enjoy.

If you don’t like it, if you don’t want it, then you don’t have to read it. 

That choice made, the choice not to consume a type of fic or art, also means you don’t get to drag the person who wrote it. 

That is a damn slippery slope. 

Fandom is a “safe space” but not in the way that it protects you from things that you don’t want to see or don’t like or are offended by. Fandom is, and has traditionally been, a space for people to create and explore with out being told “no” by outside media. Fandom is where you can find out if you don’t fit in the boxes society tells you to, or it you just really, really like reading about Bucky getting repeatedly rammed in the ass by Hydra agents sans lube. 

And no matter how well-meaning you are, you don’t get to tell other fans what they can and cannot write, or draw, or enjoy. 

When you start telling people what they can create or enjoy, you invalidate the purpose of fandom, and create a situation where instead of free exploration, we have something similar to mainstream media in which certain tropes or topics are not allowed. This limits the free expression, exploration and innovation so highly prized in fandom.

Maybe what they draw is illegal in five states, and highly restricted in several countries. Maybe it’s offensive, maybe it’s inaccurate, or just plain bad.

It doesn’t matter. 

You don’t get to tell fans how to enjoy fandom. You mind your own path, your write your own fic, you write meta on why x trope is offensive/problematic/bad but you do not tell other fans how to enjoy fandom.

“Fandom is a “safe space” but not in the way that it protects you from things that you don’t want to see or don’t like or are offended by. Fandom is, and has traditionally been, a space for people to create and explore with out being told “no” by outside media.”  

THIS!!! THIS is the TRUE definition of fandom as a ‘safe space’. It is a ‘safe space’ for creators.

“You do not tell other fans how to enjoy fandom.”

This needs 99,999,999 notes.

There comes a point where you, not your teachers and not your parents or guardians, are responsible for what media you consume. It’s not for others to censor themselves to protect you from what you don’t want. Heed warnings. If something doesn’t have warnings, either don’t read/watch/listen to it or search out reviews that will tell you if it’s something you would be OK reading/watching/listening to. Descending on a creator or creators and demanding they not create something or shaming them for doing so because you don’t approve is censorship and furthermore, it’s hubris of the highest order.


So apparently Bleach is on Netflix and in a fit of boredom and nostalgia I queued up the first episode only to remember my settings are “subtitles” so it started playing in Japanese.

I went “wtf” at not hearing Johnny Yong Bosch’s voice.

@#life fail#though now i’m REALLY feeling nostalgic and kinda want to watch power rangers#which is coincidentally also on netflix#it feels like this sudden urge is somehow eirenical’s fault#eirenical

@drverstehen1, I will take the blame for such a thing ANY time!  ^_~  …damn it, though, now _I_ want to rewatch these things.  O_o;;;








Ok but someone tell me why Harry didn’t grow up to be the best Defense Against Dark Arts professor Hogwarts has ever known

RIGHT??? what is up with this he becomes an auror crap?? Harry would have loved being a teacher and watching his students improve throughout the years. Revamping the curriculum because if he could teach kids as a child himself how to cast a patronus, perhaps everything they think of as only NEWTs levels and beyond really just weren’t taught well before. 

Making him become an auror just makes him continue the fight he was forced into as a child and didn’t enjoy, Harry enjoyed teaching the DA. Why wouldn’t he chase after doing something he loves with his life????? And then he’d be able to train the next generation to make sure that they can protect the world, too. 


YES. I can just picture Professors Potter and Longbottom joking about students and the other teachers during meals, playing mini pranks on Headmistress McGonagall, who’d purse her lips and remind them that they were adults, then look away before they could catch the twinkle in her eye. All the students would either have a massive crush on them or admire them or both. Harry is the only teacher capable of taming Teddy (who became known as the prank king, comparable to the Weasley’s twins) and eventually James, Al, and Lily. He develops connections with each of his students and teaches them according to the way he’s noticed they learn best and his classroom becomes a usual hangout for students, as he’s always got food and a “lame dad joke” that everyone secretly loves.

I could go on, but I have to stop myself before I get too into this.

Okay, this now officially drives me nuts because this would have made SO MUCH SENSE. And not only because of Harry’s temperament. Yes, he would have LOVED teaching DADA, but do you know who else wanted to teach DADA?

Tom Riddle.

Voldemort cursed the position so no one could stay for over a year, and Rowling said that the curse broke upon his death. It would have brought the Prophecy’s plot line to full circle, because it shouldn’t have been anyone other than Harry who became the first un-cursed DADA professor.

It would have been just another part Harry vanquished.

And how important would it be to the students as well, and to him being able to progress with a comfortable, normal life? Because every witch/ wizard in the UK  goes through Hogwarts. The first year after the war, he starts, and the students all come home at Christmas or in the summer and their parents are all ‘WOW you’ve been taught by HARRY POTTER what was he like?” And all these students who are totally over it already like “I don’t know, just… he’s just Professor Potter. He’s just Harry. He makes shit jokes and hands out chocolate in lessons. He’s just a really great guy.” 
And over the years it stops being people yelling ‘The Chosen One’ or ‘The Boy Who Lived’ in the streets. He goes in to Diagon Alley with his family and everyone’s like ‘Oh my god, Sir! Hi! Look, it’s Professor Potter!’ And no-one wants to know how it felt to die or what vanquishing Voldemort was like- they want to tell him how their doing, and chat with him about how they want to go into the Aurors or Dragon taming, or what they’re doing now. They want one of their favourite teachers to meet their kids, reminisce about old lessons.

But of course, everyone still knows it’s Harry Potter. And it becomes like a thing among the students, whenever anyone feels low on confidence or like they’ll never achieve things in life, and someone’ll cut in like ‘Of course you can. Harry defeated the greatest Dark Wizard in memory, and he’s a massive dork who’s a little bit frightened of his wife and kids, still trips over the trick step, didn’t get the date he wanted to the Yule Ball and spills pumpkin juice all over his robes regularly. He’s human just like you, and if he could do that, you can sure as hell make the DMLE if that’s what you want.”

Like Harry and Neville being constant reminders to all their students that heroes are just people- just real, normal, faulty people.

(And then can we also have Ginny Weasley, taking some time off from playing professional Quidditch so she comes to do a few years as the flying coach. And her first year Harry goes down to the pitch with a few of the 7th years he has under his wing, and Ginny being, as always, vaguely terrifying but in an incredibly attractive way. And all these 7th years just gaping at her like ‘Woah. You are married to her?!” And Harry just massively smug like ‘Yeah, I know right?’)









the idea of two aromantic platonic partners having a “convenience marriage” is like my favorite thing right now I’m both getting really excited and cracking up over the possibilities I mean just imagine:

  • “we got married because of tax benefits”
  • “we got married because it gave us an excuse to have sleepovers every night
  • “we got married because it seemed convenient to ‘pool our assets’ (aka our library is now twice as big, as is our collection of Disney movies)”
  • “we got married because it gave us an excuse to ask for toasters from people as wedding gifts”

#we got married because weddings are really exciting and we can plan it how we want it and it doesn’t need to include kissing bc that can be weird#but it gives us an excuse to have a dessert table#because dESSERT TABLE#I just want dessert table festivities#festivities around a dessert table#ahh#desssseeeeerrrrrt#CHEESECAKES THOOOOOOOO#YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 

this is the most important addition anyone has made to this post bless you and may the Force be with you my friend

#aromantic couple that learns about the practice of getting married again to ‘reaffirm your commitment’#and proceeds to get married every year#and every year the dessert table is bigger and more extravagent#and they start experimenting with variations on the ceremony (x)

#we got married because we only needed to buy one copy of each book #we got married because then no one goes to the movies alone #we got married because then we got to design WEDDING CLOTHES #we got married because pillow fights #we got married because this makes emergency contact info much easier #we got married because weirding out conservatives (x)

 We got married because broadway duets while doing choreswe got married because HALF AS MANY CHORESwe got married because surprise cookies on bad dayswe got married because surprise cookies on GOOD dayswe got married so we’d never have to ask the other if we could come over today againwe got married so our parents would stop asking (x)

#we got married because someone will get meds when we’re sick #we got married because secondary income #we got married because joint big finish account #we got married because two people can walk more dogs than one person which means more dogs #we got married because broadway duets while doing anything #we got married because only one of us likes cooking and the other is fine with dishes #we got married because both of us like cooking and we can trade off #we got married because help with disabilities and someone who doesn’t judge #we got married because of the satisfaction of hearing ‘have you found someone yet’ and getting to say ‘yes’ and hang up #we got married because anniversary parties are even more fun than weddings #MORE DESSERT TABLES #we got married because couples discounts on things (x)

#we got married because two people can walk more dogs than one person which means more dogs PERFECT