*sigh* I was planning to try to write tonight.  But today’s work lunch (as much as I enjoyed it) took way more out of me than I was anticipating.  *sigh*  Especially since I’m now apparently subbing tomorrow morning.  😛  (Why did I agree to that?  Oh well.  At least it’s MS bio.  I can sub for that in my sleep.  ^_~)  And it’s only a few hours.  So that’s not too bad.  But this definitely mucks with my plans for the night.  Especially because I’m still kind of full from lunch, but if I don’t eat soon, I won’t have time to digest before I go to sleep and then I will really regret my choices by 2 AM or so.  *heavy sigh*

…maybe I should just go make myself a PB&J and be done with it?