Holy shit

So some guy paid $700 for a Star Wars Laserdisk, and found that there’s blooper reel footage on it.

From Star Wars. 

He’s been uploading stuff from the laserdisk to the internet apparently, bless this man.


*e* The first few minutes are silent, so don’t freak out. The entire thing is golden.




Behind the scenes of Star Wars Episodes l, ll, and lll

I completely forgot about Hayden falling so much during episode II. Poor thing, going through a growth spurt while filming a major motion picture.




You would prefer another target, a military target? Then name the system!

>Fisher said she liked Cushing so much that it was difficult to act as though she hated Tarkin,[120] and she had to substitute somebody else in her mind to muster the feelings. Although one of her lines referred to Tarkin’s “foul stench,” she said the actual actor smelled like “linen and lavender,” something Cushing attributed to his tendency to wash and brush his teeth thoroughly before filming because of his self-consciousness about bad breath.

Is that “can’t keep a straight face smile” or a “sempai is touching me!” smile?

so cute!






Harrison Ford on the set of “Star Wars: A New Hope” (1977) having absolutely become Han Solo, trying to eat his mic after losing his words !

Wtf Harrison lol


No actor will never eat as many mics throughout their acting career like Ford did. Ford holds the current mic-eating record at 3,463 mics during his acting career. His Star Wars costar, Mark Hamill, is currently only at 1,072.
Here we see a video of Ford in action during one of his mic feedings. This is speculated to be approximately his 560th mic consumed.

adn he should not have been counted