I’m only up to page 62, but these are some of my favorite bits from Matthew Stover’s book adaptation of Revenge of the Sith

I’M GLAD I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE SO AFFECTED.  Seriously, this book is a PROBLEM.  Every time I find a new quote I love (and you hit quite a few of my favorites there!), I end up going back and rereading that whole section just to experience the awesomeness of the quote again.  And this KEEPS HAPPENING.  So by the time I get to page 20, I’ve read those 20 pages probably about 5 times.  I’M NEVER GOING TO FINISH THIS BOOK.  O_o;;;  IT’S A PROBLEM.


so long as ignorance and misery remain on earth, books like this cannot be useless

or “i rearranged my bookshelf today and realised i had eleven les mis editions, why has no one stopped me yet and how far must this go”


OK.  @enechelon reminded me that I have a Goodreads account, so I’ve been poking at it a bit.  Still don’t know how much I’ll end up using it, but if anyone has one and would like to add me, let me know?

FINALLY got my LibraryThing catalog imported.  And when I did, I realized something.  I have a CRAPTON OF BOOKS.  So, I went through and sorted out books I’d read from books I hadn’t read.  And you know what else I found out?

…I have an awful lot of books that I wouldn’t miss if I got rid of them.  O_o;;;  Like… on the order of 200 of them.

Anyone have any thoughts on what you can do with used books (mostly paperbacks) that you don’t want/need anymore?  I can’t think of a single used bookstore that would take them off my hands for any decent amount of money and selling them would get prohibitive pretty quickly with shipping costs.  😛



“Reports from French missionaries to Siam and Indochina in the seventeenth century are sometimes barely distinguishable from the reports sent by agents of Colbert’s East India company, but in the course of the rites controversy, the French Jesuits in China produced a vast literature to communicate to Europe their idealized image of China.”

…this game is way less fun when you’re in grad school.

Nearest book to me is the one I’m currently reading on my kindle…

“Through the spinal column of the neck was the only way to put them down permanently and quickly.”

…surprisingly apt? ;D

Haven’t done this in a while, but was browsing my books tag and…

“Whether it was true that mass murderers started out as agreeable little boys, the way those TV tabloid interviews with neighbors tended to indicate.”

…I got nothing.  XD