Holy shit

So some guy paid $700 for a Star Wars Laserdisk, and found that there’s blooper reel footage on it.

From Star Wars. 

He’s been uploading stuff from the laserdisk to the internet apparently, bless this man.


*e* The first few minutes are silent, so don’t freak out. The entire thing is golden.



Drink With Me; Mark Uhre (Enjolras), Matt McMahan (Feuilly), Matt Rosell (Jean Prouvaire), Alan Shaw (Joly), John Rapson (Grantaire), Perry Sherman (Marius); LM Toronto, 11/7/2013

…please ignore the sniffling throughout the back half of this song. After Grantaire shook off Enjolras, Gavroche went over and comforted him and Grantaire was clutching at him for the entire rest of the song, as though Gavroche were the only stable ground left in a world made of quicksand. Grantaire was so childlike in his disappointment and fear and Gavroche was so old before his time in the way that he was the one providing comfort and it was beautiful and it killed me. -.-;;;