let me tell you about the amazing potential of Cosette and Feuilly as foster siblings opening a coffee shop together

It has a large counter in a U shape, and one half of it is decidated to the coffee and the other to the tea; there are plants and dainty tea cups and feature art and crafts from local people, which Cosette and Feuilly still personally pick and they have impeccable taste

it’s all open space and large tables, there are workshop organised every week – first it’s their friends teaching whoever wants to come about skills, relaxation techniques, or discussions about what’s happening in the world, but it ends up being so popular they have an actual schedule and a website to book your place in one of these workshops

they have poetry nights, too

Cosette makes the sweetest hot chocolates and chai lattes and Feuilly’s so good with latte art

they hire pretty much anyone who needs a job, no matter what their pasts or experiences are – that’s how Marius ended up learning how to make pastries, and he’s good at it

they have a suspended coffee system that never go under a dozen suspended coffees available

because Valjean’s not getting any younger, he feels bad about not being able to do as much as before, and Cosette and Feuilly know he’s getting a bit lonely, so they 100% include him in their venture and he works there part time and he loves it and he meets people and talk to them and I’m so happy guys I just want Jean Valjean to be happy that’s the only thing that matters


Valjean gets a call from a friend in social services about a kid who’s had a really rough time and needs a caring home and so agrees to foster 14 year old Feuilly. He’s intimidated by Valjean at first because Valjean’s a big guy and Feuilly has (1)


learned to be distrustful of large men. He doesn’t really talk much at first. Cosette is a year younger than him, but he’s been held back a grade so they go to the same school. She’s so kind and calm and understanding and not intimidating at all and they become really close, and eventually he starts opening up to Valjean too and they form a happy little family. Valjean adopts him when he’s 16.

imagine Valjean crying at their high school graduation omg (and Feuilly can’t believe he was once scared of him, but then again he is crying too, so…)

cosette and feuilly have siblings date in a little café every other week. the tradition is to treat themselves to the sweetest, more decadent drink in the house and they ask each other trivia questions from one of the games in the coffee shop! also gossip and laugh and just generally be kids.

❤ ❤