Omg cuties they’d go out & get coffee every morning but imagine one morning Feuilly waking up to Enjolras not being there, then going to the kitchen and finding a cup of coffee with a lil note


Can you believe I actually already have a very specific headcanon about this (you can, can’t you?).

But when they start ‘dating’ – what passes as dating for the two of them; they’ve been dating for a long time without actually being each other’s boyfriend, but when they decide that they are, that’s when they start spending more time at each other’s place, sleeping over in the same bed come naturally.

They stay over at Feuilly’s place more often than not, because Feuilly’s actually fond of his crappy tiny crooked little three-room apartment, and it’s closer to his job. His bed is tucked in a corner of the room, and they sorta fall into the habit of Enjolras sleeping on the bedside table side (? you know) so that Feuilly usually wakes him up too when he gets up for work in the morning, allowing them to go out and get coffee and eat breakfast together – some days the only thing they can do together because they’re so busy.

So one morning Feuilly wakes up – it’s 7:15 instead of his usual 6:15, how did that happen, that never happens to him, why didn’t he wake up – and Enjolras isn’t there. Did Enjolras not wake him up? What’s happening –

by this time Feuilly’s half-panicked scrambled out of bed and into the kitchen, and his train of thought screeches to a halt and he remembers.

He sees the cup of coffee right there on the table, still warm (take out coffee always takes forever to cool down) and a note from Enjolras:


I don’t know if you remember, but you switched shifts this morning; you start at 1 p.m. instead of 7 a.m. I’m in class until 2.

and what looks like a few little x kisses, followed by Enjolras’ signature.

So Feuilly sits back, drinks his coffee, showers amd get dressed, and knowing Enjolras probably didn’t eat breakfast, stops at the coffee shop to pick up a croissant on his way to meet Enjolras on his break between classes and they eat together. ❤