When you need a good cuddle with your Jedi Master before the action starts!



((Seeing that Father’s day post going around got me wanting to draw some cute Cosette with her papa… but then I got sad for Marius and Georges and then I got carried away with the Thenardiers NO SURPRISE THERE.))


modern les mis
             Amanda Seyfried as Cosette






I will never get over the way Vader was checking if Obi Wan is really dead

“what the fu-what is this? How, what, this is not ok! So what, when I do it, he gets to fade out of thin air but when HE does it to me, I have to wear a walking iron lung for the rest of my life? I can’t pee without going through 5 layers of painful decontamination, and this motherfucker is just GONE???

when you’ve waited decades for the most unsatisfying revenge in the galaxy

After all the shit obi wan has put up with anakin, he wouldn’t let him have the satisfaction.

Just to rub extra salt into the wound, Obi-wan even managed to drop his robe one last time.