If men stopped working…the world would continue on.

If women stopped working, then things would get ugly.


there has been an instance where this happened.
it was 1975 and icelandic women decided not to work for one day. 

working as in cooking, cleaning, taking care of the children, doing chores and so on, not only “not showing up to your workplace”. women did nothing that day, except showing up in reykjavik and protesting for gender equality, equal pay and equal representation in parliament, you know, cool stuff. 

you know what happened? havoc. men were left with food to cook and children they never took care of to pick up from kindergarden and entertain for the day. they went en masse to the food shops buying sausages because they could cook nothing else, they had to bond with children they never spent more than a couple hours a day with. they struggled combining their work day and the domestic tasks they had to sort out. and this just for one day.

iceland in 1975 stopped working and things indeed got ugly.
so ugly that women in the following decades became woke AF and soon it happened that women became president, took half of the seats in parliament and achieved one of the best living environments in the world.

is your astonishment solved now?

We already know what happens to countries when the majority of the male workforce is removed. It is called “war.”

If you want to read Highly Documented and Very Historical accounts of how countries function without internal male labor, you can start by diving in to World War 1 and World War 2! (I’m just gonna talk about the Allied forces because my English is best
and I know the most about them, but the Axis powers had similar

See, when the warring civilizations threw every able-bodied man they could at war fronts all over the planet, this left enormous labor vacuums. Not only did the countries have to function without male labor, but they also had to funnel vast amounts of food, clothing, ammunition and weapons to the men in combat. By WW2, women were needed in every possible role that didn’t include active combat.

If you send millions of men to combat, then the resulting millions of empty, necessary, “male” jobs must be done by women. That’s just how it works.

This is an British WW1 poster from 1917. It says it succinctly – every woman who takes a “male” job in the military, frees up that man for active combat.

One thing that you can’t get enough of in war is bullets! With men spending bullets but not making them, the women need to do it. These WW1 posters from around 1918 are pretty cool – the woman “doing her bit” has shades of Art Nouveau, I think.

Here’s an American WW1 poster in which the women are dressed as mechanics, train drivers, military support, manufacturers, farmers and nurses. I like the cool Victorian shoes and the baggy trousers. Isn’t it funny to think that this happened between the Victorians and the flappers?

In WW1, you couldn’t even afford to spare able-bodied men to drive ambulances in warzones. Ambulance drivers on the Front were largely women. They picked up the wounded and dying men and took them to field hospitals staffed largely by women.

By WW2, the women of the Allied nations were SO ON TOP OF THIS.

Here is a Canadian lady from the 1940s. Women in Air Force support were vital – men were the fighter pilots, women were transport pilots – as well as doing the support roles like aircraft maintenance and preparation, parachute packing, communications and intelligence, managing the radar, plotting the weather, and, of course, doing the catering. The language on this poster shows that the woman does all of this necessary work to get the fighter pilots in the air. Every non-combat military job that a woman took meant one more fighter pilot and soldier in active combat.

Back at home, people functioned fairly well without men in WW2. Everyone’s seen this American WW2 poster, you know she’s encouraging women to get into the factories and make All The Stuff!




Land Armies (staffed by Land Girls) were super necessary to feed everyone at home PLUS everyone at war. Land Girls were used in both WW1 and WW2. While farming was a “protected occupation” (male farmers wouldn’t be forcibly drafted into the military, because their jobs were too important to a functioning society) the majority male farmworkers decided to enlist voluntarily. This left  elderly or disabled male farmworkers to do intensive work. By WW2 they had some tractors to help, but most farming was still done by hand or with draft animals, especially since the steel and fuel for the tractors was more needed on the Front.

This American lady found a cool old-timey tractor, which is just as good as an ambulance…

But this British lady has to do her plowing with a draft horse! The weathered old farmer, too old for combat, is very grateful.


okay but LOOK at some of these other Plushy Man Jobs, Necessary To Prevent the Downfall of Society, that American women needed to do RIGHT NOW TO BEAT THE NAZIS:




Oddly, even without men at work, “women’s work” still got done.
Children were still mostly looked after. Large communal childcare programs were set up (they were quickly closed after WW2, though.) Food was prepared. Households
ran. Single women stayed single. The countries functioned. The world still turned. MILLIONS OF MEN
were WIPED OFF THE PLANET but the world still turned.

In fact, the Allies won both WW1 and WW2.

And the resulting power/gender/employment vacuums shaped the gender dynamics of most of Tumblr’s parents and grandparents.

How quickly did everyone forget all that?















you ever realize how low-key messed up the Jedi Order is?

I aint saying the Sith are good guys, they do bad shit as well, but let’s look at history on the other side of things.

> Paint Sith as villains when the were originally just a splinter faction with a differing belief system.

> Lead a court ordered genocide against a Sith planet that posed no threat after having been defeated in a war. 

> Fun fact, the Sith were only on that planet becuase the jedi had killed all but 12, stripped them of everything and put them on ships into random deep space

> Essentially the Jedi made the Sith what they are today through stupid decision making

> Abandoned their peace loving code (which was forged because of legislation disbanding their military forces, bringing about a thousand year era of peace) to become commanders and generals in the Clone Wars.

> Lead a violent coup against a leader who was actually elected once it came put that he was from a group they a personal vendetta against, because this is what peace loving space monks do guys.

> Literally train to feel no remorse or pity as opposed to the Sith who are expected to embrace the full spectrum of emotion.


Not even looking at the Sith though, they’re still just so

No, we don’t kidnap children. We take them because it is the will of the force. oh, and younglings if you ever feel the urge to meet with your family again you need to go talk to the counselor because something is wrong with you and that urge is bad

Beware of any other group of force users (even excluding the sith and evil people). We’re the only ones that can use the force properly. We are literally the only people in the entire galaxy that should have an organized group of force sensitives because everyone but us is wrong

Has a prophecy about the Chosen One bringing balance to the force and thinks that somehow means being blinded by the light. Hint: that’s not a balanced scale (I still fail to see how destroying all trace of the dark side is “balanced” but ok george lucas)

if you’re afraid you might turn evil, so don’t be afraid children, and don’t be afraid of turning evil because you were afraid.

If you don’t get taken as an apprentice that’s ok, younglings. You can become a farmer, but you’re still a Jedi to us. Unless we tell you to leave and send you back to that family we told you to forget about.

politicians are bad and we shouldn’t rely on them. It’s okay because its not like we deal with politics anyway. Anyway, let’s constantly harass the senate and pressure them into doing what we want

don’t get attached to anything. besides your lightsaber. and your master, but not really your master. don’t get attached or you’ll turn evil and probably kill everyone

Just in case some of you are interested…

Jedi Code:

There is no emotion, there is peace.

There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.

There is no passion, there is serenity.

There is no chaos, there is harmony.

There is no death, there is the Force.

Sith Code:

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.

And a third one also exists which is made by the gray Jedi. (The ones who’ve “gone rouge” but aren’t Sith)

There is no Dark Side, nor a Light Side

There is Only the Force

I will do what I must to keep the balance

The balance is what keeps me together

There is no good without evil, but evil must not be allowed to flourish

There is passion, Yet peace

Serenity, Yet emotion

Chaos, Yet order

I am the wielder of the flame, the protector of balance

I am the holder of the torch, lighting the way

I am the keeper of the flame, soldier of balance

I am a guardian of balance

I am a Gray Jedi

Not to mention the continuous mind-fucking of anyone they need to trick. Jedi legitimately are A-okay with manipulating the free will of others to achieve their means.

@actualanakinskywalker, you might like this. 

In case you’ve been fed too much Jedi propaganda.


#darksidepositivity (tag by @freysdottir)

THEN there are the GREEN Jedi aka Corellian Jedi.

LEts take a look at them shall we?
They are the last decendants of the Jedi lords..(aka Lord hoth, Prince arcann, Prince Thexan, Princess Vaylin, The out lander ECT). Another group that the council felt compelled to wipe out because they were not “in line” with how the council saw the ways of the jedi. 

As these last decedants of the jedi lords they believed that Jedi heritage was INHERANTLY genetic. Strong jedi parents, had strong jedi babies. 

So they believed in family and blood lines, and that these were IMPORTANT. 

So marriages, and often marriages between powerful Corellian jedi families were encouraged by the heads of the Green Jedi Enclaves. Examples of Powerful Corellian jedi familes: Halcyons, Horns, Mareks and others. 

The first thing this resulted in was some STUPIDLY powerful youngins.. RARE talents often found NO WHERE else abounded. Illusion projection, energy absorbtion, empathy, and rarest of all BORN healers. (jedi healers born with the knowlege of how to help people) and even tho hes legends.. do we really need to go into how stupidly powerful galen marek was (his mom was from the wookie home world his father was corellian)

Second, because these families were intact, and for that matter all  members of the Corellian jedi enclave were seen as extened family, these stupidly powerful force babies are raised in LOVING nuturing enviroments. They are taught both to use their powers , and right and wrong from the age of five through. Most often their master is their mother or father, or other close relative. Many will often study with others but family members usually teach them first. 

So you have stupidly powerful force babies, raised with a sense of right and wrong, and raised in their families homes in loving enviroments. 

WHAT does this result in? 
Simply put.. if you dig through the WHOLE EU/LEGENDS.. there is NEVER ONCE a instance of a Green Jedi falling to the dark side. NOT ONCE. 

THEY achieved the balance the main branch of the jedi order looked for. 

their code is as follows






Corellian jedi doing it right since revan’s time. 

Don’t forget that Mace’s lineage returned to the ORIGINAL, UNCORRUPTED JEDI CODE:

Emotions, yet Peace

Ignorance, yet Knowledge

Passion, yet Serenity

Chaos, yet Harmony

Death, yet The Force

And the beauty of it? This is CANON. Not EU canon, not Legends, not T-/C-/WTF-canon,

Simply, CANON.

RB’ing to point out that the “Grey Jedi Code” and “Green Jedi Code” stated in above posts are fanon, and that the “Emotions, yet Peace” version of the canon Code has not yet been stated to be the original Jedi Code in the new continuity, only an alternate version of it. Be careful when searching the internet or citing canon from multiple continuities – out there be monsters. ^ ^

By the way, I’d also like to point out that Mace Windu himself was a vigorously traditional Jedi, and while in his line Depa Billaba and Kanan Jarrus were indeed very unorthodox Knights, they did not pick up this trait from him – he firmly believed in the strict code of his Order and would have not approved of what he would likely have seen as dangerous behavior. 

In the new continuity, there had been only three recitations of the Jedi Code:

  • The “There is no ___ only ___” version recited by Obi-Wan in Dark Disciple, and
  • The “____ yet ____” version recited twice, once by Caleb Dume and once by Depa Billaba, in Kanan #7

Because New Canon has no explanation as to why these two Masters (Kenobi and Billaba) recited two different versions of the Jedi Code, we would have to dip into Legends to find out the “why”.

(Remember that “Legends” does not equate to “false”, but instead means “contains some truth, but not all of it are truth”. Which means that, barring an explicit contradiction from Canon, we can use the non-contradiction as a speculative/possible explanation of unexplained Canon facts.)

The Wookieepedia article for Jedi Code in Legends is quite succinct and direct to the point:

One of the key portions of the Code was a five-line mantra. Several
versions of the mantra exist, though the original version was:

Emotion, yet peace.
Ignorance, yet knowledge.
Passion, yet serenity.
Chaos, yet harmony.
Death, yet the Force.

(boldface from me)

the same article added immediately after that:

The refined version established by Odan-Urr and transcribed by Homonix Rectonia during the Early Manderon Period was perhaps the best known:

There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.

(There is no chaos, there is harmony.)
There is no death, there is the Force.

I’d say this is not “refining”, but outright corruption. While the Original version allows for the existence of things on the left column that need to be controlled by the right column, the “Refined” version denies the existence of things on the left column.

And we know that denying those things are unhealthy, it makes a living being stunted.

That’s why I don’t consider the second version to be “refined” but “corrupted” instead.

I would like to think to Mace as the kind of person that actually has unorthodox ways of thinking, but due to his position as the COO of the Jedi Order, Inc., he was bound by rules.