herself in the mirror, Kel thought she’d made herself into the girl she
would have been had she not tried for her shield. The feeling was odd,
more good than bad. ‘Maybe I’m the same whatever I wear,’ she thought. ‘It’s just easier to fight in breeches.’

It’s a Kel kind of day.


This is what I do every morning.

You would not believe how much my flexibility has improved – I can now do the forward fold with my palms flat on the floor.

 If you have more time you can hold each pose for 20 or 30 seconds.



I can’t believe I actually lived though the full transition from VHS to DVD. Like there are people alive who have never seen a VHS tape….I remember when we were still tryna figure out how the fuck they got a full movie onto a cd. 

reminder about the term “spirit animal”


you cannot use that term if you are not native american. you do not have a spirit animal if you are not native american. if you use this term out of the correct context and you are not native american, you are being appropriative.



I have no idea who this actor is, but I’m just going to say that he definitely captures that whole “ludicrously pretty and young” vibe book!Enjolras has better than literally any other actor I’ve seen pictures of in the role of any race

This is Wallace isn’t it? Super heavily airbrushed, but Wallace. 

Loved his Enjolras. 



He looks like he’s constantly going “Guuuurl what did you just say?”

I feel like Jekyll, like the Hulk, always just kind of gets roped into things and has to go along with it all.



Breaking News: Broadway Cancels ALL Saturday Shows After State of Emergency Declared and Transit… http://ift.tt/23kJYl0

I’m glad I decided against standing in the cancellation line for Hamilton today!

I feel bad for the casts who’s shows are closing like Spring Awakening and Allegiance. To think you had four shows left and now you suddenly only have two. 😦 That also sucks for the ticket holders trying to see shows before they close.

But the snow is more than anticipated and safety is important.

You do hear a little bit of Yoda. You hear Luke yelling out, ‘Nooo!’ from that moment in Empire. And you hear Obi-Wan at the end say, ‘Rey … these are your first steps,’” Abrams says. “Here’s the cool part. We asked Ewan McGregor to come in and do the line. And he was awesome and we were very grateful. He was incredibly sweet and handsome, and all that stuff. Then he rode off on his motorcycle. Literally the coolest voice over actor ever.

J.J. Abrams on Ewan McGregor coming to record a line for THE FORCE AWAKENS (x)

Antisemitic Statements, Beliefs, and Microaggressions






I see many antisemitic comments on Tumblr, and it occurred to me that maybe non-Jews just don’t realize they’re being antisemitic. So I decided to make a list of antisemitic beliefs, statements, and microaggressions for your future reference. (Feel free to add any I might have missed.)

  • Jews control the media/government/banks/world.
  • All Jews are rich.
  • Jews have a disproportionate amount of wealth/power.
  • Antisemitism is no longer an issue/doesn’t exist.
  • Jews are not oppressed.
  • Jews are greedy/selfish.
  • Jews only care about themselves.
  • Jews make everything about themselves.
  • Jews are disloyal to [the country they live in].
  • Jews are not trustworthy.
  • The Holocaust wasn’t that bad.
  • Jews are milking the Holocaust for their own gain.
  • Jews need to stop talking about the Holocaust.
  • The Holocaust was a white-on-white genocide.
  • People only care about the Holocaust because the victims were white.
  • Jews caused the Holocaust.
  • Jews made the Holocaust up.
  • Jews caused [insert terrible event].
  • Jewish women are [insert negative trait].
  • Jewish men are [insert negative trait].
  • All Jews are [insert negative trait].
  • [White] Jews aren’t the real Jews.
  • Jews descend from Khazar converts.
  • Jews are racist because they only marry other Jews.
  • [Any statement comparing Jews to Hitler or Nazis.]
  • Jews are doing to others what Hitler did to them.
  • Jews only care about the Holocaust and not other genocides.
  • [Comparing the Star of David to the Nazi Swastika.]
  • [Asking any Jew you meet what their stance on Israel is.]
  • [Justifying antisemitic violence against Zionist Jews.]
  • Jews are going to get what they deserve.
  • Antisemitism isn’t a problem because Israel exists.
  • [Blaming all Jews for the actions of Israel.]
  • [Blaming all Jews for the actions of one Jewish person.]
  • Jews think they’re better than everyone else.
  • Hitler should’ve finished the job.
  • Hitler was right/no wonder Hitler wanted to kill Jews.
  • Jews have been kicked out of every place they’ve lived and they don’t think it’s their fault.
  • No wonder everyone hates Jews.
  • If Jews didn’t act [a certain way] no one would hate them.
  • Rabbis are rapists/molest baby boys.
  • I would never date/marry/have sex with a Jew.
  • You don’t look Jewish.
  • You look really Jewish.
  • If you [altered stereotypical features in any way] you would be so much prettier.
  • Jews use the blood of non-Jewish children or animals.
  • Jews killed Jesus.
  • Jews are poisoning white society.
  • Jews complain too much.
  • [Erasure of Jewish ethnic groups.]
  • [Erasure of Jewish history.]
  • [Mocking Jewish traditions or culture.]
  • [Calling for the deaths of Jews or another Jewish genocide.]
  • Jews assimilated into white culture so they could gain privilege.
  • [Identity policing Jews.]
  • Jews steal culture and land.
  • Jews owned slaves/participated in the slave trade.
  • Jews need Jesus.
  • Jews are going to hell [unless they accept Jesus as the messiah/convert to Christianity].
  • Judaism is just Christianity without Christ.
  • [Dressing up as a Jewish person.]
  • [Doing a “Jewish voice”.]
  • [Categorizing Jews as ”Good Jew” or “Bad Jew”.]
  • [Saying something isn’t antisemitic when you aren’t Jewish.]
  • [Trying to redefine the word antisemitism.]
  • [Comparing another tragic event to the Holocaust.]

Reblog this all over the SJW space!!! They need this the most

  • Europeans/White Jews stole Judaism from people of color
  • The phrase Judeo-Christian
  • The amount of hate crimes against Jews is over-exaggerated
  • Non-Jews saying “you can’t be Jewish if you do(n’t) _____”
  •  The Jewish American Princess stereotype
  • Jews are rich therefore they can’t be oppressed
  • “Bernie Sanders upholds white supremacy”
  • Implicating Jews in white supremacy
  • The idea that antisemitism started and stopped with the Nazis
  • “Donald Trump is just like Hitler”


-being really concerned about the state of a Jewish mans genitals

-calling any Jewish practice “backwards” or “outdated”

if you follow me and are not Jewish please read this!!!!!!! it’s v important

“I feel like I’ve just been Jewed down.”
[Trying to police a Jew’s eating habits i.e., keeping kosher or kosher for Pesach – “Oh right, you can’t eat that.”] 
[Alternately, not providing a kosher option for Jews who keep kosher.]
“Grammer nazi.”

I’m sure I could think of others, but these were the ones that popped immediately to mind.