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Omg I need this!!!!!


This is just a compact TENS unit.

You can get decent, compact, TENS units on Amazon much cheaper than they’re asking here. Sure it might not be cute, but it’s cheap and honestly the cute factor is just an excuse to slap the pink tax on.

It is so important to me that you guys know this is just a TENS unit. Don’t go paying twice or three times the amount just because its little blue and has purple flowers. Like you can slap some flowers on your electrode pads if you need to. 


Yeah, this is a TENS unit. Amazon actually sells one for less than $30 USD and it has a lot more functionality than this one does. (and holy fuck is it strong. like, surprisingly so)

But as for the treatment, GO FOR IT. TENS therapy is so strangely unknown for chronic pain. If you can tolerate the weird electric feeling, then it’s really quite amazing.

Sorry but flowers, pastel colors and “lady parts” are a big no for me. Reblogging for the info on cheaper options.

Some people like pastels and flowers. Some don’t. But I absolutely am reblogging for cheaper options.

Cheaper product and no cissexism? That sounds better to me.

I actually didn’t realize tens units retail so cheaply. They’re completely amazing and are one of the few things that actually help my pain.

I guess that’s one more item on the list of “things to buy eventually when the numbers work out”.



you know, that luceno quote from labyrinth of evil gets posted all the time, but my favorite part is the bit that usually gets cut off.

“And you, Master. What does your heart tell you you’re meant for?”

“Infinite sadness,” Obi-Wan said, even while smiling.







[aka: don’t ever come talk to me about obi-wan if you’re not ready to talk about hope and faith, because that is his essential core; hope on the days when he can look up and still see Light, and faith for the days when he can’t. faith carries him across the clouded patches, to starry skies and potential, possibility – dizzying promises of rebirth. he is able to smile, even in his grief, because he accepts this for what it is, that the new world will not be for him, does not need to be for him – it is enough that the new world will be. 

force knows none of them were created for a life of ease. to be bereft of all his mortal loves is a burden, maybe, but to be still in the Light – that is enough, for a jedi.]



This is the art I did for @takethewatch‘s amazing Big Bang fic, Unravel:

Éponine Thénardier can “unravel” time–jump backward a few minutes or hours and let events play out again, sometimes slightly different from before. It’s a secret little thing that she uses occasionally, to get herself out of trouble or avoid minor accidents. She’s never tried to do anything big with it because, on the whole, she’s happy with her life–her family’s inn is successful, they live in a nice neighborhood in Paris, and she’s in love with a kind and beautiful boy named Marius.

But when her lover is killed on the barricades of the June Rebellion, she has to try to fix it–even if it means using her power on a scale she’s never dreamed of. Even if it means throwing away everything else she has.

I can’t emphasise strongly enough how brilliant this fic is – it’s definitely one of those ‘read even if the character isn’t your Thing’ fics, so even if for some weird reason you’re not currently interested in Brick Éponine, go over and read it anyway. 

If you’re one of my non-fandom followers and you like reading science fiction in historical settings and/or disorientating radical dissassembly of existing literary narratives and/or psychological exploration of what a sense of self would even mean without linear time, go and read it too.

It’s been such a great project and I promised myself I’d steer clear of the self-deprecation in this post so I’ll just say that I’ve learned so much while doing this, spurred on by the ‘welp this story is good and I need to at least attempt to do it justice’ feeling.

Oh and while you can click on these images to get a nice zoomed-in version – plus the whole picture for that one that didn’t play nice with the others – they’re also embedded in the text over at Ao3 and, well. They look cooler that way. 

guys guys GUYS here is our Big Bang project!  Link to the fic is above, but even if you don’t read the fic, definitely check out this gorgeous and creative artwork that shellcollector did.  I keep finding new details to be amazed by, and I just can’t stop looking at the last one; with the weight of all the others behind it, it is such a powerful image.


George fucking Blagden went to the historic site of the barricade on June 5 aka the anniversary of the barricade and sang the missing verse of Drink with Me. And of course he went at night, because the students would have sang Drink with Me the night between the 5th and the 6th. This man, this wonderful man with no chill has given fans what they have been asking for, for the past 3 ½ years and what the director has refused to give us. 

I feel sorry for every fandom that does not have George Blagden. We don’t deserve him, but I’m so glad we have him. 

Hey so now we’re paying attention to Captain America


I’d like to draw more attention to antisemitism that affects real Jewish people, because honestly? I have not seen as much outrage over the lives of actual people than I have over a fictional white gentile. So I’ve compiled a list of posts and blogs for my fellow gentiles to read.

Here is a post discussing why tumblr’s social justice community often forgets or dismisses antisemitism

Here is a post about antisemitic microaggressions

Here is a post detailing recent antisemitism in Europe

Here is a post regarding the girl who took selfies at an anti-Muslim protest, and her antisemitism

Here is a post about Jewish coded characters and using Jewish history (among others) for tragedy points

And here are some Jumblr blogs I highly recommend reading and following:

Return of the Judai

Jewish Privilege

Little Goy Things

Tikkun Olam or GTFO

Antisemitism EU

Ace Jews

Exposing Antisemitism

B’Nei Ruth

And some more blogs for learning:

My Jewish Learning



Please support Jewish people, not just on Tumblr, but in real life. Please educate yourself on antisemitism so you can fight it, not just when it affects your fictional faves but when it affects real people.


This post got me thinking about the camerawork/direction making Fraser look dominant. 


I need you to come back to me. I need you to believe me. It’s me. It’s me. I just need you to come back. I love you.


They get out of control. 

Except for one who prefers to “conceal; don’t feel.” 


How do Les Cats deal with fleas?  They apply…