Reblog if you have used dude as a non gender specific term.





where I grew up in California not only is “dude” generally non-gender-specific, half of the time it doesn’t even refer to a person at all.

I said it to a faucet today. 

Having also grown up in California, I can attest that dude can be anything. Males are dude. Females are dude. My phone is dude. That cat over there, it is dude. The green light that only lasts long enough for 1 car to pass is dude. I have called my hair “dude”. I have called my coffee maker “dude”. The entire population of the world, and all of their belongings, are all dude.

we are all dude


inspired by this awful post

What does Les Amis act like when they get drunk?


  • Enjolrasthe Affectionate drunk : You think Enjolras is a stuck-up dude with little time for human interaction? Well watch him after 2 shots (the guy doesn’t need more)! He’ll be literally glued to whoever is sat next to him, he’ll comb your hair with his fingers, he’ll tell you how wonderfully everything is and will be. He may cry at some point but that’s because he loves everybody so.much
  • Combeferrethe Trivia drunk : you’ve always wanted to hear all about ancient Egypt undergarments and dragonflies’ mating rituals? Combeferre is your guy! He’ll be sweating out knowledge from all his pores with his deep voice, slightly drawling due to the alcohol
  • Courfeyracthe Dancing drunk : He somehow thinks the dancefloor is his very own territory and won’t be asked twice to prove his mastership in hip rolling. He’s bound to end up shirtless and singing and dancing to YMCA at least once
  • Grantaire the Grantaire drunk : He’s very hard to define because his drinking mood varies drastically. He can range from the happy drunk to the melancholic drunk, the passed out drunk, the sardonic drunk… A lot goes on in his head and depending on that day he’ll be either one or the other
  • Jolythe Giggling drunk : He will giggle for absolutely everything. Everything is hilarious, from the word “cloud” to the way the light reflects on Enjolras’s hair. The decibels of the giggles increase with the number of drinks he’s had and usually end up at the “roaring grizzly bear” level
  • Bossuet the Clumsy drunk : He’ll fall, he’ll trip, he’ll spill his drink, he’ll spill your drink, he’ll burn his eyebrows with flamable shots, he’ll do it all. They place bets as to how many bruises he’s going to earn before hand (extra point for the exact place + colour)
  • Feuillythe Im-drinking-on-a-budget drunk : which means he’ll take the strong stuff right away, who needs to warm up with beer when you can go for ABSINTH right away guys? Also, “girly” drinks are the highway to tipsy island because of the alcohol hidden behind the sugar so it’s not rare to see him with a piña colada or whatever
  • Bahorel the Loud Just-fuck-me-you-them-up drunk : Not only will he destroy your eardrums but he’ll also fight the slightest douchebag on sight. Someone talking shit? Someone being a bit too handsy? A lawyer? Watch him roll his sleeves before going to battle (bonus Feuilly sighing in the background, holding his flower)
  • Jehanthe Philosophical drunk : well, you could also call them the Shit post drunk. From one second to the next, they’re gonna got from cheerful to deeply concerned by life and death matters : “Birds don’t have arms Ferre. They don’t. That’s terrible. What do they do when they trip Ferre? WHAT DO THEY DO?!”
  • Mariusthe Level-up drunk : Sure, you thought Marius would be the Embarrassing drunk type. But you would be astonished as to what alcohol does to his system! It puffs up his chest, straightens his back, unrolls his tongue and gives him an unpredictable swagger like damn son. Four for you Marius


I know.

I’ve felt it.




No offense but I don’t like……….care about the military

“no offense but i dont like……… about people who sacrifice for the well being of the country”

i really hate the number of notes on this

the American military is sensationalized, overfunded and frequently used to commit acts of brutality on foreign countries and launch violent invasions on civilians

I care about soldiers, sure, but you could not pay me to give a single fuck about the military as a construct

the number of notes on this post is 110% founded and your commentary is unnecessary

re: not wanting kids



i’ve seen a lot of pushback against “kid hating” lately, so let me just say a few things:

  • i don’t particularly like kids
  • they make me uncomfortable
  • the idea of being responsible for the physical and emotional well being of a child freaks me out
  • being pregnant is incredibly unappealing to me
  • i wouldn’t want to screw up my kids or scar them in any way with my shitty parenting
  • i don’t want to have to organize my personal/professional lifestyle and finances around my children for 21+ years
  • i just don’t want kids


  • i would never be mean to children
  • i love other people’s kids
  • i completely understand why other people want children
  • i’m fully aware that many others struggle to conceive and i would never disrespect or belittle that pain
  • i don’t think less of anyone for wanting kids

the idea that people who don’t want kids are inherently selfish, uncaring assholes is a lazy, misogynistic attempt to shame people (primarily women) for prioritizing personal goals and self care above parenthood. Choosing to have children doesn’t automatically make you more kind or selfless or fulfilled than people who don’t. Wanting to remain childfree is not the same as “hating kids,” nor does it mean you’re a horrible person. It’s a personal choice like everything else, so can we please stop being shitty about it?

This is absolutely 100% what I’ve been trying to say


the les mis fandom is far from perfect but you have to admit that one thing we did right was musichetta we got one description from joly in the entirety of the brick and the portrayal of her in fanon has been wonderfully diverse i’ve seen so many different kinds of woc musichetta i’ve seen trans woman musichetta i’ve seen hijabi musichetta i’ve even seen disabled musichetta like good job les mis fandom we did a good thing


A message of reassurance for those getting into Star Wars for the first time right now:

If you end up liking the prequels as much as the original trilogy, there’s nothing wrong with you. If you love the prequels more than the originals, that’s perfectly okay. You can prefer Ewan’s Obi-Wan to Alec’s. You can like or love Anakin Skywalker over Luke. Loving Anakin and Padme is not wrong. It’s okay to be a fan of Jar Jar Binks. You are not lesser if you love the prequels.

I just wanted to put this out there because the Star Wars fandom is full of nasty gatekeepers who would try to make you feel like an idiot for daring to love anything more than the original trilogy. So if you’re getting into it now and enjoy Episodes I-III more the Episodes IV-VI, I want you to know that doesn’t make you any less of a Star Wars fan.

And if you end up loving The Force Awakens more than any of the six that came before it, that doesn’t make you any less of a Star Wars fan either!

(This is basically just a rehashing of this wonderful post, but I feel like it’s important to reiterate this point).