My favorite thing about heir to the empire is the fact that down the road lando taught luke how to make hot chocolate


Attack of the Clones | Deleted Scene BTS | Padmé and C3PO

C-3PO: “You see, when Master Annie made me, he never quite found the time to give me any outer covering. It’s so humiliating.

Padmé: “Maybe we can do something about it.”

It’s such a pity this scene didn’t make it into the final cut of the movie because just like the rest of the AOTC deleted scenes it adds even more depth and meaning to the Anidala relationship and their connection to their children. Futhermore it shows how well thought-out the whole story was by George Lucas as he elaborated even the smallest detail regarding the Skywalker family legacy and the story continuity. 

Padmé: Let’s see, if we put this… here…”

C-3PO: “Ooooh! That tickles.”

Padmé: “You’ll have to be quiet, Threepio. Hold still, please.”

The whole moment is significant and epic on many different levels –

10 years ago

Anakin built C3PO and now Padmé completes him. This basically makes the droid their mutual creation, their baby and it’s as if they made him as a gift for their children without actually knowing it; first serving their daughter, then their son and later them both, so in this way the parents will always be a part of their children’s lives.

Owen: “Well, Padmé, I think he should be yours from now on…I know that is what my Mom would want.”

Not only does Padmé complete C3PO in the same rundown workshop where her son cleans him 23 years later, Owen also gives the droid to Padmé not unlike the time he entrusts him to Luke (no doubt happy to finally get rid off that chatterbox); which also explicitly explains the reason for C3PO’s departure with Anakin and Padmé later in the movie. It’s a short but also an important and private moment between Padmé and Owen – uncle and foster father to her son, the man who loved him and protected him when she no longer could and brought him up into the good man, the good person he later becomes, in many ways so similar to his own father. There is also this little moment when Owen calls Shmi his ”mom” which accentuates the fact that he is indeed Anakin’s family and Padmé’s future brother-in-law which is something that kind of got lost or was barely implied in the original version of AOTC.