Consider this: Martin Sensmeier as Captain America

Can’t say no to something like that!




(x) More I read about this ‘Captain America was HYDRA all along’ business the angrier it makes me. Especially reading the writer’s response to people being justifiably angry at him. I understand creative people defending their work, but this person (and the team behind him) just did A Fuck Up and instead of recognising and apologising for it he brags being proud of it. I know nothing about comic books, but this is a situation of tarnishing cultural heritage and disrespecting original creators’ historical purposes for cheap profit. And this attitude pisses me off big time. 

These tweets. What the actual FUCK?



Okay, so because THIS FUCKING BULLSHIT happened, a bunch of people are donating money to the US Holocaust Memorial here. 

If you don’t get why Captain America being secretly a Nazi-affiliate or out-right Nazi isn’t a big deal, please read about it here, because Jessica Plummer articulates it far better than I ever could. 

The suggested donation is $3.99, or the price of the comic. If you buy, consider posting a screen-cap of your receipt (with your info blacked out of course) and tag @marvelentertainment to show them what you think of this “new spin” on Captain America. 

For those who don’t have the cash to send, also consider emailing Marvel’s feedback email for the Marvel Heroes comics: 

Also consider tagging @roachpatrol because she’s the source of the idea to donate specifically to the Holocaust Memorial.

This is also a good idea. Thank you, @roachpatrol.


You ruined a perfectly good Captain America, that’s what you’ve done.

Now look at him, he’s a fucking Nazi.


That’s right, 




The other MAN has spoken, too: Mr. Kevin Feige.

When people say that Steve and Sam are just good friends






sad little voice in the wilderness saying “look Steve’s hot and all but SO MUCH CRAZY” like 2Kevr

Meg ilu you know my feels about ur fabulousness but i feel like stuff like this is missing the point? The tl;dr of my feels is let shippers have their shippppppp

poor sam/steve shippers already gotta deal w a literal truckload of sam marginalization and racism and prioritizing the angsty white bro otp (my own otp i love u but u have ur own problems, u problem child) to the tune of 16k+ fics on ao3 like damn we know what ships are valued on a wide scale in fandom and this one ain’t

This post and stuff like it is for sam/steve shippers, really. they need their space to react and explore and enjoy just like everyone else, maybe more bc they are so drowned out and dismissed, and I doubt any shippers want to hear yet more reasons why sam/steve isn’t a thing for someone.

SORRY FOR HAVING A WEIRD DISCUSSION W MY FRIEND ON UR POST GUYS but I wanna make sure I or meg don’t accidentally step on your toes again

yeah you’re right I was a grumpy asshole and I apologize

to clarify I dont have a problem with samsteve as a pairing I just don’t characterize Sam as being willing to put up with Steve’s bullshit – and you know Steve would be full of it – but I should be less yelling about it

I do not promise to be less yelling about stevetonybucky because why the hell would you stick tony stark in with Steve and Bucky when sam is literally RIGHT THERE

Thank you friend I am one of those sad Steve/Sam shippers sitting out there in the cold wilderness with only my blanket and insane cat keeping me warm




Have we talked about this scene yet? Because I want to talk about this scene and why it’s important that this is the memory Steve is thinking about right before he has to face the Winter Soldier again.

We all know how out of place and unhappy Steve feels in modern society. The movie doesn’t make any bones about it. Even though good ol’ Cap exudes positivity, we see how he uses his time. When he’s not at work for SHIELD, he’s grasping at straws, trying to catch up, trying to make sense of how he fits in a world that’s moved on without him. When Steve starts to feel out of place even when he’s playing soldier for SHIELD, Sam tells him that he could do something different, anything at all; but Steve looks blank. Sam asks him what makes him happy, and Steve doesn’t know. 

The only thing that keeps him going is knowing that his sacrifice helped save the world. As he says to Peggy, he always wanted to do “what was right,” and at least he can take some comfort from the fact that he helped save countless lives from Hydra by losing everything that meant a damn to him.

That is, until he and Natasha find Zola in the underground bunker and they find out that Hydra is still alive and well – thriving, even – within the ranks of SHIELD. 

This is the moment Steve learns he gave up his life for nothing.  

So. The flashback scene.

I’ve heard some people say that they think the scene is extraneous. That it’s enough to know that Bucky and Steve were friends way back when, only Bucky doesn’t remember (and if you want more skinny!Steve and scenes of Bucky and Steve being chummy, go back and watch The First Avenger). On the surface, it may seem like this scene is rehashing old territory, but it’s actually telling us quite a bit more than that. 

Bucky is walking Steve home after his mother’s funeral, and Steve is obviously vulnerable and shaken. His parents were the foundational figures of his life, and they’re both gone now. Before Bucky can even get the question out, Steve rejects the idea of moving in with Bucky. He insists he can get by on his own. Then he fumbles clumsily in his jacket looking for his key, but he can’t find it. Bucky casually picks up the spare and hands it to him. 

This moment.

It’s such a simple gesture, but the camera focuses in on that key like it’s the freaking Tesseract. Why? Why is this moment with Bucky so prominent in Steve’s thoughts? Why not something out of their days together with the Howling Commandos? Or why not something from when they were kids running around on the playground? 

This moment is an echo of exactly what Steve’s feeling in the future: lost and alone. Everything that means home is shut behind the locked door of time (or a coffin lid).

But against all possibility, Bucky is alive. And, to Steve, Bucky doesn’t just have the key back home, he is the key back home.  

“I can get by on my own.”

“But the thing is, you don’t have to.”

Suddenly that promise is everything. If Bucky is still alive, then Steve isn’t alone. He didn’t make a mistake putting the plane in the water. There’s a meaning for him to be in this time and place, and Bucky is that meaning. That’s why Steve has to believe Bucky will remember, why he desperately doesn’t want to fight him. Steve wants them both to be able to go home again.

Reblogging this because it seems relevant with the recent release of the Civil War trailer. 🙂