The Princess Diaries Panel: “What was your favorite scene with Harrison Ford in [The Force Awakens]?





Thank you, Carrie Fisher.

The more I see this gifset, the more I love her “HOLD ON A SECOND” and STFU hand. Like, she is *talking* here, she asked the audience a question, and what you said is A) not what she asked, and B) totally not directed at you.

Carrie Fisher ain’t here for your bullshit.




You would prefer another target, a military target? Then name the system!

>Fisher said she liked Cushing so much that it was difficult to act as though she hated Tarkin,[120] and she had to substitute somebody else in her mind to muster the feelings. Although one of her lines referred to Tarkin’s “foul stench,” she said the actual actor smelled like “linen and lavender,” something Cushing attributed to his tendency to wash and brush his teeth thoroughly before filming because of his self-consciousness about bad breath.

Is that “can’t keep a straight face smile” or a “sempai is touching me!” smile?

so cute!