let me tell you about the amazing potential of Cosette and Feuilly as foster siblings opening a coffee shop together

It has a large counter in a U shape, and one half of it is decidated to the coffee and the other to the tea; there are plants and dainty tea cups and feature art and crafts from local people, which Cosette and Feuilly still personally pick and they have impeccable taste

it’s all open space and large tables, there are workshop organised every week – first it’s their friends teaching whoever wants to come about skills, relaxation techniques, or discussions about what’s happening in the world, but it ends up being so popular they have an actual schedule and a website to book your place in one of these workshops

they have poetry nights, too

Cosette makes the sweetest hot chocolates and chai lattes and Feuilly’s so good with latte art

they hire pretty much anyone who needs a job, no matter what their pasts or experiences are – that’s how Marius ended up learning how to make pastries, and he’s good at it

they have a suspended coffee system that never go under a dozen suspended coffees available

because Valjean’s not getting any younger, he feels bad about not being able to do as much as before, and Cosette and Feuilly know he’s getting a bit lonely, so they 100% include him in their venture and he works there part time and he loves it and he meets people and talk to them and I’m so happy guys I just want Jean Valjean to be happy that’s the only thing that matters





literally like what??? 20 years? passed between revenge of the sith and a new hope and obi wan aged about 50 years

look anakin was hard on him ok

anakin’s bullshit added 30 years into obi-wan’s life




Ewan McGregor.

@deadcatwithaflamethrower Venge in our time and place

You guys do realize that the only difference currently is the cut of the leather jacket, right?  😀


Combeferre with ADHD

Combeferre with a completely rubbish working memory who can tell you about the anatomy of moths in exhaustive detail but has to stop and think hard before he can say what he had for breakfast and needs to write down all homework assignments and other responsibilities immediately or risk forgetting them entirely.

Combeferre hyperfocusing on whatever book he’s reading and being impervious to outside distraction.

Combeferre having days when he can’t focus on anything at all and roaming through the streets because he can’t sit still and keeps noticing every single distraction around him when he tries to get anything done.

Combeferre toying with anything he can find to keep his hands busy so that he can concentrate on other things.

Combeferre with a complete inability to keep his room neat and organized.

Combeferre who got through school as a kid by being brilliant and now doesn’t know how to study and is having to cram the knowledge into his brain and feeling like a failure because he’s doing fine in his classes but he could be doing so much better if he just tried harder.

(Modern AU Combeferre finally getting an explanation for what’s wrong and it’s like a weight is lifted off his shoulders because it all makes sense now.)