Les Miserables Aesthetics- Marius Pontmercy

“He was a Royalist, fanatical and severe. He did not love his grandfather much, as the latter’s gayety and cynicism repelled him, and his feelings towards his father were gloomy.
He was, on the whole, a cold and ardent, noble, generous, proud, religious, enthusiastic lad; dignified to harshness, pure to shyness.”


Here’s the story of our Cowboy Bale 


: Did playing a fake
cowboy in NEWSIES prepare you in any way for 3:10 TO YUMA. Did you draw from
that experience? 

Christian Bale: (laughs) I drew nothing from
it, except for the quite annoying fact that when I first arrived in Sante Fe, I
could not get the song from NEWSIES [“Sante Fe”] out of my mind. Every time
somebody said ‘Sante Fe’…if you’re familiar with NEWSIES, there’s a song, and it
would just go on through my head. And, it hadn’t been in my head for, whatever
it is, 16 years or something like that. Dammit, if every time I saw a sign, a
road sign or somebody mentioned it…and it took a good month or so for that to

And, you just had to belt it out right there? 

Christian Bale:

Oh, no. I
definitely kept that inside. I wasn’t going to let anybody know about it there. 


But, it added to your character’s torment, I’m guessing. 

Christian Bale:

That’s actually
what his conflict is. (laughs) 

(taken from an interview published on 

Aug. 30, 2007 in http://www.aintitcool.com/)