hey guys, my guinea pig is really, really sick (like, ireny-had-a-meltdown-in-the-vet’s-office sick) and as anyone with a pet knows those vet bills aren’t cheap. also most of you probably know i’m studying to be a physical therapist and right now i’m in the middle of my clinical rotations, which means no income and very little free time ha ha hhaaa. 

anyway i’m opening up commissions (or well reminding everyone that commissions are open) with a twist: you send me a prompt or a character, plus how many minutes you want me to spend on it:

$5 = a 15-minute sketch = something like this, this, or this
$10 = a 30-minute sketch = something like this, this, or this
$20 = an hour sketch/drawing = something like this or this

i’m setting a rough pg-13 limit on this but honestly if you really want something nsfw we could probably make it work, i don’t have a whole lot of room to be picky here. you can direct any and all commission requests to bubonicwoodchuck[at]gmail[dot]com.

and if any of my artpoops have ever made you laugh or even smile, please consider donating a couple bucks via paypal to the email address above. i honestly hate to even ask but i’d give like…a lot to see my horrible spoiled fur potato be fat and happy again


doing these without photoshop is a pain in the butt


I need money because I’m saving up to finally see my significant other and anything I will earn through commissions will really help so much!

Rules and Guidelines

  • No R18, gore and commission requests with offensive content please!
  • If I feel like my skills aren’t enough for your request, then I have the right to refuse.
  • I will upload a lower res and watermarked version of your commission on this blog unless requested otherwise.


  • Paypal only please and in USD as well!
  • I will send you the sketch through e-mail and once approved, please send the payment over.
  • I will not continue said sketch if payment has not been received.
  • Please do not pay me upfront because it gets really messy when I cannot commit and you have already paid!
  • Please select “goods and services” and choose “no shipping necessary”, otherwise paypal will expect me to send you something!


Please send me an e-mail at kjvdeguzman[at] with the following information filled up:

Name/tumblr url:

Commission Type:

Character Name(s):


Additional Details (eye color, pose, personality, expression etc.):

If you have inquiries, please do not hesitate to leave a message on my inbox or at my e-mail! 

You can check out my commissions/trade tag for samples of finished commissions!


Hi Friends, Followers and Strangers,

Here’s an updated commissions post with some more recent art from me, prices are the same as before, but hopefully the art is a little better!

If you can’t afford these, or just plain don’t want them, a signal boost would be amazing.

contact me at



  • I will not draw pornography or excessive gore.
  • I reserve the right to use any commissioned piece as portfolio work.
  • I reserve the right to decline commission requests.
  • I reserve full rights to the image and its use and distribution. You may not use the image for resale or redistribution.
  • Commissions are non refundable.
  • There will be no revisions on sketches or speedpaints and a maximum of two revisions on paintings and character illustrations.