Republicans support conversion therapy in their most anti-LGBT platform ever



The Republican Party is about to approve its 2016 platform, and their proposed draft takes a stronger stance against LGBT rights than ever before. 

Among many other backwards views on social issues, the platform says:

  • Marriage equality should be overturned with a constitutional amendment
  • Judges to be appointed (ahem, SCOTUS) should be advocates for “traditional family values”
  • Parents should have the right to put their LGBT children through conversion therapy
  • States should be able to dictate which bathrooms trans people use
  • Kids who have one mom and one dad are less likely to be drug addicts or “otherwise damaged” 
  • Religious principles should guide lawmaking: “man-made law must be consistent with God-given, natural rights”

Please do not vote Republican in this election. This platform could literally mean life or death for LGBT youth, transgender people, and so many others who will be targeted – strategically and legally – for being who they are. 

Just a reminder to every fucking person going ‘BERNIE OR BUST!!!’ or telling people to write in, or just thinking your vote doesn’t matter,

not voting for the democrat nominee regardless of whoever it fucking is will result in the people who support this being in power. When you waste your vote you’re basically handing it over to the people who agree with these bigoted ideas.

Vote in every election you’re eligible for. Don’t let your country push LGBT rights back when it’s taken this long to get the barest fucking minimum. 

Republicans support conversion therapy in their most anti-LGBT platform ever