Star Wars Challenge – 3/5 Outfits: (Almost) everything Padmé wears


More photos of the finished 1890s ensemble! I’m so happy with how this looks and photographs. It turned out exactly I wanted it to, which is the most wonderful feeling!

This costume consists of four main pieces – a skirt, blouse, jacket, and hat. I used faux wool flannel and silk for the vast majority of the ensemble and It was designed, drafted, and made entirely by me.

This project wasn’t difficult, but it did test my patience at times. I’ve never done this much pattern matching before and it was more time consuming than I had expected. I also ran into some road blocks with skills I was unfamiliar with…like making the collar, and designing soutache patterns. But I got it all figured out in the end!

I’ve documented the process in great detail on my blog, those posts can be read here. More photos are posted here, and a video that shows the details and process of getting into this costume is posted here



Fashion in a galaxy far, far away : Mustafar outfit


Poster Boy Man of the Republic or Anakin’s Jedi attire in ROTS
(+the way he wears it)

appreciation post


Rose Laurens (Fantine), Fabienne Guyon (Cosette), Marianne Mille (Eponine) and Marie-France Roussel (Mme Thénardier), Les misérables original Paris stage cast, 1980