Courferre week is coming up soon! The mods this year are Cass (@capable-of-being-terrible) and Scotty (@fighttothedepth​) and we’re both super excited to be hosting this year. 

So we’re going to be accepting submissions and following the tag /courferre week same as last year. We’re most likely doing themes so if you have any ideas for any send them our way! 

Courferre week is August 7-13th this year. DONT MISS OUT!


This year and new stuff!


Hey guys, I just wanted to check in and say some stuff. I’m the new mod for this blog, which really has no impact at all on Courferre Week, but I feel like I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say.

Courferre week is August 7-13th this year, and I’m super excited! (My name’s Cassandra -or Cass if you want-, if you’re wondering) Things are the same as last year, tag your stuff as ‘Courferre week’ when it gets there!

Also, how would you guys feel if I made themes for each of the days? Cool or should it be freestyle?

Yay!  I was just about to put out a general ask about this.  ^_^  Glad to hear it’s gong to happen and I’ll make sure to add it to the calendar.  ^_^

As for themes, I’m usually lucky if I even get anything written for Courferre Week at all, much less written to a theme, but if you think it would motivate people, then why not, right?  ^_^

Thanks so much for picking this up!  😀