in heaven one day joly bursts through the door of their new musain and trips over himself to get to courfeyrac at which point he yells “it’s a boy, it’s a boy, and they named him after you!” and courf is so overwhelmed he can’t even respond


Okay but soulmate au where Marius has “put your hands up or I shoot” and courfeyrac has “oh thank GOD, you must be my soulmate. Also, do you always take laser tag this seriously?”

And Marius spends most of his life unbelievably terrified bc his soulmate is going to try and KILL HIM.
And courf just goes to play laser tag a lot.

Courfeyrac’s eyes were squeezed shut, as if not seeing what had just happened would make it untrue.


Courfeyrac’s eyes were squeezed shut, as if not seeing what had just happened would make it untrue.

These feelings were harsh and startling.  He had thought—well, perhaps he hadn’t thought enough.  Courfeyrac was happy for Marius, he truly was.  Cosette was a sweet, friendly girl, and if anyone could deserve a partner as kind as she, it was Marius.  He felt guilty that it hurt this much; he was Marius’s friend, for goodness’ sake, and it wasn’t as if he was romantically in love with him.  But the instant he saw them, his stomach churned and his chest ached as if he were suffering from some kind of petty romantic jealousy. 

Of course, he wasn’t.  Courfeyrac loved his friend, but not in that way.  He loved his friend, and if he was currently struggling with how Marius’s new relationship made him feel—if his stomach had sunk down to his toes, and it hurt him to breathe—then that was Courfeyrac’s problem to deal with, not Marius’s.  

And so Courfeyrac feigned a series of harsh sneezes to cover for his closed eyes, and offered Cosette his hand to shake with a warm smile.  “Cosette!  I’ve heard so many great things about you!  It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”  He only hoped that Marius was too distracted to notice the feelings hidden behind Courfeyrac’s eyes, which Courfeyrac would simply have to work to quell.




Overhead while walking to the parking lot, on campus: an actual real-life college-student + sugar daddy AU in the making:

Male College Student: so I think my roommate’s older brother is, like, hitting on me.

Female College Student: really??

Male Student: yeah, well…like, he’s like helping us out with rent and stuff? And he, like, wants to hang out a lot…like, even with just me, like, Roommate isn’t even there…and then he bought Roommate’s books for next semester, except he asked if I wanted to come to the bookstore, and then he bought my books. Like, I didn’t let him buy all of them ‘cause I felt weird. But then he bought me dinner. So, like…

Female Student: (half-joking) is he hot?

Male Student: uhhh…I guess? Yeah. Maybe. I mean, I dunno.

Female Student: wait, though, is this like a creepy thing? Is he creepy?

Male Student: no! No, dude, he’s not like–like he’s actually a pretty cool guy, like he’s paying for Roommate to go to college and helping us out, and he’s all smart, like he’s a lawyer and shit, and he’s, like, chill, y’know, and–

Female Student: oh my god you like, LIKE him.

Male Student: (loudly enough that heads turn) I’M NOT GAY.

Female Student: you totally like him!

Male Student: BUT I’M NOT GAY.

Female Student: you’re, like, gay FOR HIM.

Male Student: (stops walking) BUT–FUCK.

Female Student: you could, like, be dating a lawyer!

…at which point, because they’d stopped walking, I had to maneuver around them and pretend I’d not been eavesdropping, and find my car.

We may never know the outcome, but I like to think that Sudden Epiphany College Student and Roommate’s Hot Lawyer Older Brother are now happily dating. (I also wonder what Roommate thinks of this–as a friend I imagine he is pleased–and whether he was secretly hoping for this outcome.)

Anyway, though: imagine your OTP. 😀

Just to provide slightly more context, now that I’m home and not posting from my phone:

1 – I teach at a college in Southern California, in Orange County. Yes, the O.C. Which perhaps helps set the scene, and;

2 – neither of them had been in my class, I just happened to be walking behind them at the right time;

3 – Female Student was tiny, adorable, delighted, and, best guess, about thirty seconds from pulling out a phone and calling Roommate’s Hot Lawyer Brother just to make sure these two idiots got their act together;

4 – Male Student’s concluding “FUCK” contained such profound layers of emotion–dismay, dawning realization, personal thunderstruck revelation, hope–that no words can do it justice here.

Now which pairing do I apply this to first…



I need someone to talk to me about Courfeyrac and Marius’s roommates hijinks because i’m currently avoiding responsibilities. Please? 

How does Marius deal with the fact Combeferre often comes to see Courfeyrac? Does Marius carefully join political conversations if like, Feuilly, or Enjolras, or Jehan, or Bossuet are there? Does Courfeyrac spend a lot of time reminding Bossuet and Joly that no, Marius has left no clue as to where he disappears sometimes and no, you can’t go through his stuff, come on guys? Do they sleep in the same bed in winter? Do they share when another friend comes knocking at Courfeyrac’s door at two am? Who cooks? Does Marius work on translations on sundays evenings while Courfeyrac reads and they’re both muttering, one in German because that text is so illogical, one in French because that text is SO WRONG? Is Marius an expert in handling Courfeyrac’s angry fits? Is Courfeyrac fluent in Marius’s talk and behaviour? Does Marius bring Courfeyrac to the theater when he’s happy because that’s what Courfeyrac often does with him when he’s happy? Do they cuddle???? ((do they kISS))

What are your opinions, people?

Imagine them picking up each other’s body language and expressions!

The other amis often leaving messages for Courfeyrac with Marius, but Marius has a hard time with names, no matter how often Courfeyrac introduces them, so Marius describes them in often silly ways – “The tall dark one with the most horrible hand writing, the one who looks like a school master.” “That’s Combeferre, Marius, you know him.” “Yeah, that’s what I was saying, the school master. He dropped this bunch of papers for you. I didn’t look, but I think it’s your arithmetic assignment.”  

Courfeyrac starts making twice as much coffee at home, every time, because chaces are Marius is sitting in a corner working on his translations.

they definitely cuddle and kiss

Oh my GOSH, yes.  I am so here for talk of Marius and Courfeyrac as
roommates (AND PERHAPS MORE…??  ^______^) and how baffled Marius is by
this ginormous circle of friends that Courfeyrac has.  Because he’s had
what?  A sum total of three people, maybe four, in his life before he
meets Courfeyrac?  And then in sweeps Courfeyrac and Bossuet with ALL
THESE OTHER PEOPLE ATTACHED and it’s no wonder Marius can’t keep them
all straight!  But Courfeyrac is the first real friend he’s ever had and
has done so much for him that Marius just absolutely most of all does
NOT want to let him down, even in this small way, even if he’s borderline terrified of all those people (and certain of them in particular! O_o;;;).

Courfeyrac, who people are drawn to like they would be to a fire in the
dead of winter, and has thus always been surrounded by friends and
acquaintances, just doesn’t get that.  He doesn’t understand that people
can be so confusing and so intimidating and why someone might not want
to hang out ten other people at the same time for fear of getting
overwhelmed.  But he sees that that it’s true for Marius, even if he
doesn’t understand why.  And Marius has come to mean so much to him in
so short a time (because, let’s face it, when Courfeyrac gives his heart
to something or someone, he does it COMPLETELY–there are no half-assed
commitments coming from Courfeyrac), and, above all, he wants Marius to
be happy and to feel safe and loved.  So, even though it’s by far the
standard for Les Amis to pile in to Courfeyrac’s rooms in threes and
fours (or as many can reasonably fit), Courfeyrac does his best to
curtail it a little, to make sure that there are some times of the day,
or even some whole days, that it’s just he and Marius, to make sure that
their rooms are a safe space that Marius can come back to when he needs

And Marius understands better than most of Courfeyrac’s
friends what it’s like when your emotions spiral out of your control.  
He understands what it’s like when the feeling is just so damned BIG
that there’s no room for anything else.  There’s no calming it down,
there’s no rationalizing it away, there’s just FEELING.  The only
difference being that for Marius, the emotion that most often runs out
of his control is fear, while for Courfeyrac it’s anger.  Still, Marius
GETS IT.  So when Courfeyrac gets inflamed about whatever injustice has
caught his attention, Marius just rolls with it, lets himself be used to
bounce that anger off of without adding fuel to it, just a reflection
of solidarity until the edge has worn off and Courfeyrac can calm down.
And Courfeyrac has never had that before.

Just… give me ALL THE
STORIES about how Marius and Courfeyrac are such absolute polar
opposites and how they use that to support each other and take care of
each other.  PLEASE.  *_*



Last weekend I got to visit @oilan, so we decided to take advantage of the opportunity to do a traditional art collab!  You can probably tell that she did the lines and I did the colors on this one.  Per oilan, “This started as a drawing of Courfeyrac dressing Marius, because I know you like that, but it turned into Courfeyrac undressing Marius.”  Not to worry, I appreciate that just as much.  I convinced her to draw the Super Secret Ship bwahahaha 

AHHH THIS TURNED OUT GREAT. I love Marius’ waistcoat and the romantic ethereal background especially. 😀

(Lol, let’s play the game ‘Where is Courfeyrac’s Other Hand Going?’)