Meanwhile, Kylo is upstairs in his room, live-streaming his time in captivity.


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A bit more on the Padme and Leia:

So I’m dressed as ending-fight-dead-inside Kylo, and a Leia walks by me. I mumble “sorry mom” and she turns. I realize she’s with a Padme, who turns with her in perfect sync.

“Damn right you are” the Leia yells. “Of all your grandparents, why not be like Padme?”

“I was a queen at 14,” the Padme boasts.

“A queen at 14 Ben! What have you done?”

At this point I have sunk to the floor. Padme puts her hands on her knees, bends down and keeps yelling. “You know what your grandfather thinks is a good pickup line? Complaining about sand. Is that all you got Kylo? Pickup lines about sand?”

Another Leia grounded me for 20 years

And when I said “Sorry Dad" to a Han he really nonchalantly said “It’s alright, sorry I wasn’t there for you”


“Last night during the show our Fantine Montego’s wig came off, and she was offstage trying to get it back on so she missed her cues to come back onstage and sing. So we’re all just sitting in the factory scene, and Les Mis doesn’t stop orchestra wise so the music just kept going and one of our ensemble members just started yelling out her lines, but he couldn’t remember all of them so he motioned to us and we all just started yelling Fantine’s song. And none of our mikes were on because it’s not programmed, and the sound guy didn’t know what to do, so we were all just screaming. There was also an incident one time on tour. All of the factory tables are on tracks, and in the middle of the factory scene something went wrong and all the tables which weren’t supposed to move, just flew off stage as fast as they could. So all the women were just on benches polishing jet stone like they’re supposed to when the tables disappeared, and they all just froze. All the guys turned upstage to look and our Fantine was just standing there in shock, and she couldn’t leave the stage because she has to sing ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ so she had to restrain herself from cracking up on stage. And normally we flip the benches on the table so they can slide offstage, so we had to literally carry the benches off with us. It was a mess. It was really funny but it was a mess. Stuff like that happens at Broadway shows every once in a while.”-@mattrosell Ensemble and u/s for Marius in @lesmizbway
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