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Draco Malfoy in the books


If you didn’t read the books you wouldn’t know…

  • Draco Malfoy personally made the Potter stinks buttons and nobody could fix them to say Harry was cool and shit, if they tried it would only make the insults worse
  • You wouldn’t know Draco Malfoy was always right behind Hermione in grades
  • You wouldn’t know Draco was seriously the most animated person at school and acted out everything. 
  • You wouldn’t know Draco got deeply offended when people didn’t laugh at his jokes
  • You wouldn’t know Draco created the Weasley is our King song, tune and all. (Probably in the shower or something because he’s such a weenie) 
  • You wouldn’t know Draco and Ron got into a fist fight in their first year
  • You wouldn’t know about the huge knock down drag out between Draco, Harry and the rest of the Slytherin and Gryffindor quidditch team in their fifth year. (Harry  and Draco just fucking tackle each other and start whooping each others asses and it’s amazing.)
  • You would miss out on basically everything Draco says and does. He’s a walking gold mine and It’s upsetting the movies didn’t devote a few seconds for any of his shit (Azkaban did an okay job) 
  • You wouldn’t know about the Weasley is our king buttons he made in fifth year either
  • You wouldn’t know Draco didn’t actually try and fight a Hippogriff

    he was just petting him and offhandedly said that he was ugly. He didn’t sprint over to him, he actually did all the bowing and what not.

If you didn’t read the books you wouldn’t know that Draco is the most annoyingly smart and artistic little shit you’ve ever heard of.