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They’re also pretty clearly telegraphed so if you want to avoid watching the gag it’d be easy to

OK, that actually helps a lot.  ^_^  Thank you!


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 there’s really only two scenes with the slime and the first is the one
that’s a little extended (basically 2 minutes?) and the second you
barely see it

OK.  I just saw a gif or a trailer or
something earlier and one of the women had a bit of it dripping out her ear and
just… GEH.  NO.  -.-;;;  Anyway, it got me worried.  Because I can’t
even handle that little amount of it on a tiny phone screen without immediately wanting to throw up, you know?  -.-;;;


So apparently Bleach is on Netflix and in a fit of boredom and nostalgia I queued up the first episode only to remember my settings are “subtitles” so it started playing in Japanese.

I went “wtf” at not hearing Johnny Yong Bosch’s voice.

@#life fail#though now i’m REALLY feeling nostalgic and kinda want to watch power rangers#which is coincidentally also on netflix#it feels like this sudden urge is somehow eirenical’s fault#eirenical

@drverstehen1, I will take the blame for such a thing ANY time!  ^_~  …damn it, though, now _I_ want to rewatch these things.  O_o;;;