*grumblegrumble*  I went to go make a WordPress to backup my tumblr and SOMEONE IS ALREADY USING MY USERNAME.  AND IT ISN’T ME.  D:  WHAT DO??

(No, seriously.  You have no idea how long it took me to pick out this username to begin with.  What am I supposed to do now?  *sadface*)

(…it’s bad that I’m actually considering upgrading to a paid WordPress JUST so I can snag eirenical.net and avoid the whole problem, isn’t it?  -.-;;;)

*sigh*  Do you know what’s frustrating?  When you look through all of your favorite tags and realize that NOTHING in them is even vaguely appealing to you and that the few posts in them that aren’t blocked because of blacklisted things are posts you’ve already seen thanks to tumblr’s recommended posts thing.  *more sighing*  I don’t want to get out of this fandom.  I LIKE this fandom.  But I feel like my interests have drifted so far away from where most of the fandom is that I kind of don’t belong there anymore?  I mean… FFS, I don’t even like the things people are posting for my OTP.  -.-;;;  Maybe I’m just too picky.  Anyway.  Don’t mind me.  I’ll get over it.

ETA: And then you find one you REALLY LIKE and would like to reblog… just to find out you reblogged it already like TWO DAYS AGO.  *headdesk*