*whine whine whine*  I’M SO SICK OF GRADING.

And there are a bunch of gardeners at work outside, plus the guys doing construction and using a bandsaw at the house behind mine.  And the only thing saving my sanity with these tests was the fresh air I was getting outside.  But now it’s SO. LOUD.


I just wish I didn’t feel like every one of these tests was like a punch to the gut.  Because so many of these kids made mistakes that just make me think… did you listen to a thing I said all semester?  And if not, then what was the point?  Just… ARGH.

It’s disheartening.

I hate final exams.




So… kind of a lot of distractions today.  But I got one whole class done!  Granted, it’s the smaller of the two, but it’s about 40% of the total I have to grade and it’s the bigger pain in the ass (more of the questions have stupid odd numbers of parts UGH).  So, that’s not nothing?

Of course, I’ve been ignoring my cat all day and I feel bad about that, but I have to be up in like… 6 ½ hours to go substitute teach.  So, I think I’ll go hang out with him and watch a half hour cooking show or something and then go to bed.

Then tomorrow… I will tackle the other 39 exams!

(…if only my computer still connected to the Internet where I substitute.  I’d bring my exams to grade.  Because with my luck, I’ll end up with three periods off in a row and nothing to do.  😛  Maybe I’ll bring it anyway and ask if there is a way to get it connected.  Because the last 5 times I”ve subbed there, I HAVE ended up with a 2-3 hour swatch of time off with nothing to do.  And that would be PERFECT for getting my grading done.)

@dreamer-wisher-liar replied to your photo “Well.  *deep breath*  Here we go, again. 59 to go…”

I’m going to try to write Star Wars fic stuff for you for when you have a break

@dreamer-wisher-liar replied to your photo “Well.  *deep breath*  Here we go, again. 59 to go…”


Awwwww.  You’re the best!  ^_^

And, hey, it could be worse.  Last semester I had 130 to grade.  In comparison, 59 is nothing!  ;D

One for the weekend?



OK.  It is morning.  I have done all of my morning things AND caught up on tumblr from last night.  I have two hours before I have to leave for therapy.  Things I need to accomplish this weekend:

  • Work stuff

    • Grade proficiency exams

      • 14 down, 23 to go – I’d like to at LEAST get 20 of them done tonight, but omg this is demoralizing.
        • cry about grading proficiency exams (long story)
      • Organizational MML stuff

      • Email students
  • School stuff
    • Qual
      • Memo 11
      • Memo 12
      • Start looking for articles for article review
      • Start work on research proposal
      • Contact research subjects to try to pin down a good time to visit and do interviews
    • Stat
      • …maybe study for next week’s test?
        • maybe not
        • organize notes, etc, into easy access format for test (what? it’s open notes ^_~)
      • Maybe do the analysis and write up for the project that’s due in like two months?  Because you can TOTALLY teach yourself multiple regression.  Totally.  In fact, stat is a LOT MORE FUN now that you’ve resigned yourself to the fact that you’re teaching it to yourself.  And you’re kind of excited to get that done.  Because you’re a Total Fucking NERD.  ^_^
  • Adulting stuff
    • go to therapy
    • start looking for a storage unit on wheels for all crafty things
    • sort through the THREE BAGS OF OLD SOCKS/UNDERWEAR to figure out what you actually want to keep and what you can get rid of
    • find handicapped placard thing to FINALLY MAIL IT BACK GOOD GRIEF
    • box up moccasins to send back so they can send the new pair
    • maybe contact disability insurance to see where they’re at with your appeal
  • Fun stuff
    • Platonic meme answers from yesterday!!  😀
    • Work on fic?
      • …but which one?
    • Decide if you’re up for seeing AYLI tonight and buy tickets
      • it’s my last chance to see it without schlepping into the city
      • but it’s 45 minutes away by car
      • at a time of day when there will probably be heavy traffic
      • and it’s four hours long and starts at 7
      • and the organizer is coming at 9 tomorrow
      • so it’s probably not a good idea
      • BUT FRA.  *whines*  *pouts*
        • …decided not to go.  😛

…and I think that’s enough to be getting on with?  O_o;;;

Back to grading.  As you can see… this is not going very well.  -.-;;;


It feels good to have that off my back before the weekend even starts.  ^_^  OMG, though, I’m tired, now.  -.-;;;  I was going to try to get to some of those prompts today, but instead I think I will go hang out with my cat and read.  Because my brain hurts after all that grading.  😛