The Sims is a trap. I had to quit cold turkey because I wasn’t sleeping anymore. I was spending every hour making sure my Sims lead their best lives and meanwhile I was forgetting to eat and sleep

OMG, I KNOW. -.-;;; That’s why I end up “forgetting” it exists for months on end. Because it is SUCH a time suck and I can’t get away from it! -.-;;; Fortunately, once everything is stable enough to kind of run on autopilot if it needs to, I get bored. And then I can break out of its hold for a while. ^_~ It probably helps that at least half the appeal for me is the decorating/house building.



I was planning to do some writing or something tonight.  But this weather has been wreaking havoc with my head.  -.-;;;  So, instead I think I’m just going to curl up with my cat and watch a fluff movie.  Maybe do a little reading.  And hope the headache eases.  😛

I hope you’re all well!

Oooooo… you know what else I could do?  I COULD PLAY SIMS.

…I don’t have a SW house yet.  ^_~



I looked up from my computer when I started getting a bit tired and IT WAS 2:30 IN THE MORNING.  -.-;;;  I really should have known better.

OTOH, I have a Kenobi-Jinn household all built and they’re well on their way to… something.  ;D  And I have an Anakin-Padme family ready to have a house built for them and that is probably what I’ll do instead of doing the work I need to do today, BUT THAT’S ALRIGHT.


Have some Sims?  ^_^

Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon just chillin’ in the study.  That was the best I could do with Qui-Gon’s hair, though.  Forever irritated that Sims 4 has NO OPTIONS for actual long hair on men.  GRR.  I should go looking for downloads.

I have Padme and Anakin done, too, but I haven’t moved them in, yet, so there are no pictures.  I’m pretty damned proud of this house, though.  I should take some screenshots later.  ^_^ (Because, let’s face it – that’s what playing Sims is REALLY all about.  Building nice houses.  Love that motherlode cheat!  ;D)