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*hugs*  I’m glad the solo went better tonight!  Good luck with the assignments tomorrow. ❤

Thanks!  *hugs*  Here’s hoping this thing doesn’t eat me alive.  😛

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someone who has been on meds… they really do work, don’t be afraid!!!
good luck with everything, break a leg for the concert. What’re you
singing if you don’t mind me asking?

This is what people
keep telling me.  *sigh*  But it’s this deep-seated, primal, irrational
fear based on things that have happened to me when friends went on
meds.  I’ve seen meds do wonderful things for people… but I’ve also
seen them turn friends into the kind of people who would stab you in the
back and turn your entire class of 112 people against you.  So.  
*shrugs*  Baby steps, and I guess we’ll see?

And, thank you!  And, no, I don’t mind you asking, at all.  ^_^  The June concert is always our concert to do Broadway/pop type stuff.  This concert is all Disney music (+ an Aida medley, which is still nominally Disney, I suppose ^_~, and is also the medley I have my solo in ^_^).  We’re doing some newer stuff, like Let It Go (yes, I give everyone permission to roll their eyes; I’m right there with you :P), and older classics like When You Wish Upon a Star and A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.  It’s a really fun set of music.  ^_^  I’m excited to sing it!


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~~~~~~~!!  Today was such a lovely day!  ^_^  Seriously.  It really was.  First of all, I only had to sub until noon, because that was her last class of the day.  So I got out nice and early.  Second, I was subbing for a science class, which meant I felt moderately competent, which is always a refreshing change.  ^_^  Third, it was Spirit Week and it was PAJAMA DAY, so I got to wear pajamas all day and apparently I look really cute in flannel plaid pants because I kept getting compliments?  Even once I’d left school to go about the rest of my day?  So, that was fun.  ^_^

Anyway, then I got to go home and chill for a few hours which was sorely needed.  Then I had class and that was fun, too.  SO much less stressful than the other classes I took this year, OMFG.

Then I had rehearsal for chorale.  So, I don’t know if I mentioned, but I DID get a solo for this concert.  It’s a little bitty solo.  Like… 2 measures.  BUT, after that, there’s a quartet.  And OMFG, WE HAVE SUCH A GOOD LITTLE QUARTET AND WE SOUND AMAZING TOGETHER AND I FORGOT HOW MUCH I LOVE SINGING IN SMALL GROUPS LIKE THAT AND I’M SO PUMPED FOR THIS, NOW.  XDDDD

(Side note: One of the women singing one of the other four solos there is someone whose voice I just LOVE.  Like, whenever I lose out on a solo to her I smile and shrug, “Yep, that’s fair.  Totally get you.  Can’t wait to hear her sing it.  ^______^”  Like, no jealousy at all on my part because I just LOVE HER VOICE that much.  So, anyway, we’re standing in order and she’s solo 1 and I’m solo 2 and this made me VERY happy because then I get to sing next to her for the whole thing.  ^______^  ANYWAY, later that night, the four of us were gushing over how awesome we all sounded together and she leaned over to me and said, “And, OMG, I LOVE SINGING NEXT TO YOU!!!” and I immediately gushed and beamed back, but seriously, that was so nice to hear?  Because I admire her so much and love singing near her, too, and it’s just really cool to hear that she feels the same about me.  ^______^  So.  There it is.)

Anyway, the point is that I had a really good day, and I hope the rest of you had good days and I am SO pumped for this concert!  XD

And tomorrow, I FINALLY get to see Civil War, so that’s cool, too.  ^_^

I didn’t know you sang! 😮 I’m glad you got something, but I hope you get what you want next time ❤

I do!  Haven’t been doing much of it for the past couple of years – scheduling got in the way 😛 – but I have a chorale that I sing with.  We do three concerts a year and the June concert is always my favorite.  It’s usually Broadway/Disney/pop/etc. and this year it’s like… all Disney.  Except for Aida, which is also kind of Disney, given who wrote the musical.  ^_^  So, it’s a really fun concert to sing!

I actually got to sing at Carnegie Hall a couple of years back.  ^_~  We sang the Sunrise Mass by Ola Gjeilo.  It was amazing!  ^_^

And thanks! I’ll keep trying.  And hey, at one concert I got to sing the solo in “Think of Me” from Phantom and in another I got to sing Fantine’s part in Valjean’s death song.  So, you know.  I HAVE gotten to sing some fun solos.  ^_~

Well… just heard back about solo auditions.  Considering they were last night, that was fast.  O_o;;;  Good news is that I got one.  Bad news is that it’s a little itty bitty one (like… 2 or 3 measures?) and then a quartet.  Further good news is that it’s one of my favorite bits from Aida, though, so that’s not awful?  Still, I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t get one of the others that I really wanted.  Story of my life.  Forever a choral member, never a soloist.  *sigh*  Some day I’ll actually have the money for voice lessons and get to develop my voice to do the kinds of music I really want to do.  Someday…