Ooo giiiiiirl

#A list of things I adore about this scene:#1. Christine Chapel is the real ruler of Sickbay and Bones is super chill about it#2. Christine Chapel chucks Bones under the bus as ‘bad cop’ with such ease that we can assume it happens like all of the time#3. She then proceeds to not inform Bones that she’s done this which means that#Bones has zero clue why certain ensigns he’s met maybe twice flee at the sight of him#‘your crew is full of maniacs’ he tells Jim watching Yeoman Martinez break into stutters and literally run away#Two decks down Christine Chapel looks Chekov in the eye and says#‘I once saw Doctor McCoy hunt down and tranquilize a man to give him his vaccinations.  The captain still has the scars.#You better just let me give you the shots now’#Star Trek#TOS#Christie Chapel#Bones McCoy

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reminder about the term “spirit animal”


you cannot use that term if you are not native american. you do not have a spirit animal if you are not native american. if you use this term out of the correct context and you are not native american, you are being appropriative.


les amis: combeferre

“‘To be the emperor of such an empire…all this is sublime; what could possibly be greater?’

‘To be free,’ said Combeferre.”