I’m seeing the book background *^_^*. I’m on mobile but it came up with the full-size page, so it’s probably in chrome.

OK!  That’s the one that supposed to be coming up.  That’s the new one.  (It seemed to make more sense to use a journal since that’s mostly what I’m selling these days, you know?)  I guess the change will filter through everywhere eventually, then?  O_o;;;  I have no idea.

ANYWAY, thank you for taking  look for me!  I’d stared at it for long enough that I wasn’t sure if it looked nice or if I’d made a mess of it anymore.  -.-;;;

@elissa-nerd-writer-24601 replied to your post: Anyone still awake and willing to take a quick…

I hadn’t looked at it in a while before, but from what I can see it looks good! I really like that font.

Thanks! ^_^ Question though: are you seeing the banner with the scarf background (black & white with aqua lettering) or the book background (foxes)? Because in Opera it’s the latter that comes up for me (that’s the new banner) and in every other browser, it’s still the old one coming up. And now I’m super confused. O_o;;;

(And I really like that font, too!  That’s why I want to keep it.  ^_~  But I also want my banner to be legible.  :P)

After seeing your year’s end word count, everything I’ve read of your work has been so lovely. It generates beautiful emotions, and the characters become real so quickly. Even if you didn’t write much, I think what you did write was very good work.

Sorry I didn’t get to this sooner, but it took me a day or two to process it.  -.-;;;  ANYWAY, first of all, thank you SO SO MUCH.  I hadn’t realized how badly I needed to hear this.  (So, I’m going to respond to this publicly so I can keep it and I hope you don’t mind. *crosses fingers*)

After you sent this, I went back and reread basically everything I wrote this year and you know what?  It’s maybe not as bad as I remembered and I feel quite a bit better about it, now.  ^_^  I think it’s really, really easy to be critical of your own work and only see it for the flaws, and miss out on the things you’re doing well in the bargain.

I still feel bad about writing so little, especially on my longer stories, but I also kind of see that that was really because I just didn’t make writing a priority this year.  I had so much on my plate, especially from August onward, that it just couldn’t be a priority… or so I told myself.  But if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that I’m happiest and most well-adjusted when I’m writing.  So, come what may in 2016, I really have to start trying to make writing a priority again.  I need to get myself over this little writing-phobia I’ve created for myself by putting it off so much and just start doing it.

And I’m calling this one now.  My one and only New Year’s Resolution: it is my goal to finish FYFM this year.  It’s been lingering too fucking long and it’s getting ridiculous already.

So, thank you @elissa-nerd-writer-24601, for your words of encouragement.  ^_^  You always seem to pop up and say the thing I need to hear just when I need to hear it and I really, really appreciate it.  Thank you!!