Watch: Warren’s got a great response for Trump’s desire to win over Bernie Sanders supporters.

She’s seriously an angel.

I love Elizabeth Warren.

She is a beast and I adore her. Also, what she’s saying and the WAY she says it throughout this interview is so important to listen to. The arguments on the Democratic side are about how best to make progress, the most assured way forward. The goals are the same and the distinction between methods is a matter of degrees.

And, of course, the key point that each Democratic candidate, even on their worst day, is 10000% better than the alternative.



After news broke Wednesday that five of the biggest banks in the nation were still “too big to fail,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren is once again sounding the alarm about the scourge on our system. In a Facebook post, Warren called out those who have tried to deflect the blame and pointed to a new "giant, flashing" warning sign.”


Elizabeth Warren is not fucking around when it comes to Trump. In a blistering Facebook post, the Massachusetts senator railed against the presumptive GOP nominee and vowed to put everything she’s got into stopping him. And looking at this alarming chart, Democrats should be very nervous.