ten year old enjolras, combeferre, and courfeyrac trudging together out into the wild snowy weather and making the daring journey up the largest hill in town with their toboggan dragging behind them (◡‿◡✿)

the trio standing at the top of the slope with wide eyes and clutching each other’s hands tight before clambering together into the toboggan before they go down the hill screaming at the top of their lungs (◕‿◕✿)

all three of them being forced to bail hard in a flurry of snow before they crash right into the bushes straight ahead and laughing hysterically as they lay in the snow with hands still gripped tight (♥‿♥✿)

every year even when they turn 25 making the same winter trudge up the same hill religiously and cramming themselves into the old toboggan and howling as they rocket down the landscape and inevitably crash (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧



some close ups of these three. (Courf is too fluffy for his own good.) I don’t know whether I should make this blog into a les Mis cats blog where you can sends asks and all that because they are really fun to draw. I don’t really post much of my paintings on here anyway. I’d have to think about it. Plus I need to come up with designs for the rest of the les amis too besides the ones I already have…



Enjolras and His Lieutenants with A Domino Player

Enjolras, Combeferre, Courfeyrac and Grantaire from Les Miserables 2012

I am so impressed with the arrangement of limbs here that keeps everyone from kicking each other in the head! XD  And awww the hearts! 

What are your thoughts on the triumvirate during exam season? Love your blog btw



mean, exam season is hell for everyone but god it would just be a
mess of frayed nerves for those poor bastards.  I mean pre-med
Combeferre alone.  Pre-med Combeferre.
The other Amis cry when they see the amount of work he needs to have
done for his exams, and that’s not even considering their own work.

yeah, when it comes to Combeferre it’s usually just best to like…
not speak to him for those few weeks leading up because he might
snarl at you.  This isn’t a joke.  Courfeyrac swears up and down that
he’d gone out to ask Combeferre if he wanted to take a break and see
a movie with him, Bahorel, and Grantaire one time and he could have
sworn Combeferre had been temporarily replaced with a large, bespectacled badger.  He had
feared for his life.  And everyone else has seen enough of Combeferre
when he’s piled under school work to not question this much.  By
necessity, Combeferre is also always the most organized person during
exam season.  He has colour-coded charts to keep track of when exams
are and which papers are due and what he should be studying.  He
makes of a schedule of what he should try to cover each day.  His
laptop has about a million different tabs open so he can go between
e-books and practice quizzes and the uploaded class notes and
everything else he needs to survive.

is… harried.  Despite trying to be as organized as Combeferre he
never quite makes it, and always seems to realize just how much work
he has (and how much he’s been putting off so he could focus on “more
important things”) just as it’s all coming up due, but he never
wants to pull back on any of his other jobs either – Amis stuff,
club stuff, volunteer stuff, whatever, so it’s not unusually to see him
with his hair frizzing everywhere from behind a
barricade of coffee mugs in various states of having been drunk.
Grantaire maintains that one of the most horrific things he has ever
seen in his life was watching Enjolras blindly reach out, take an
old, cold mug of coffee, and drink it – and keep on drinking it
even after realizing it was basically lukewarm satan’s piss at that
point.  While Combeferre can get irritable when interrupted, Enjolras
just gets straight up crabby.  He covers everything in sticky notes,
and buries every flat surface under a layer of papers, and he presumably has some
sense of where everything is but damned if anyone else does.  Best to just not touch anything, even if he does end up consuming most of
the apartment.

has a much more laissez-faire approach to classwork in general.  He
doesn’t feel the need to keep the grades that Enjolras and Combeferre
do (and has pretty much accepted that they just aren’t realistic for
him).  He still works really damn hard during exams because everyone
just has to (except Bahorel who takes great pride in resolutely not)
but he’s the one most likely to take regular study breaks and still
go hang out with people and not completely isolate himself for two
weeks.  He has issues with sitting still for too long so he kinda
needs to, or else he’s not going to be productive anyways, and even
when he’s studying he needs to move.
He can drive Enjolras completely up the wall (Combeferre doesn’t
tend to mind simply because he gets so absorbed into his work he
doesn’t really notice anything else) because he’s constantly
clicking his pen, or bouncing his leg, or pacing as he reads bits of
his textbook, or switching positions (he’s that person that you
find sitting upside down off the couch with the book on his face and
who is, apparently, actually studying).  Combeferre’s actually bought
him quiet fidget toys that he can keep in his hand to play with
that’ll help him study and they are one of the greatest things of his
life, he wishes he had these during public school.

do all like to study together though, even if they can clash with
each other.  Combeferre helps Enjolras stay a little more organized,
Courfeyrac likes the excuse to bounce up and make them more tea or
coffee or get them snacks, Enjolras listens to Courfeyrac explain a
chapter of his law textbook because he studies better when he speaks
out loud, Courfeyrac quizzes Combeferre on his long lists of vocab,
Combeferre will share memories tips with Courfeyrac, Enjolras is the
one who will randomly scream in frustration and give all of them an
excuse to stop for the
evening.  It’s a chaotic approach and the rest of the Amis mostly
avoid whichever apartment they hole up in but it works well for them.