When Enjolras first meets Feuilly, Combeferre is jealous of the praise that Enjolras heaps upon Feuilly. How extensive your knowledge is! How enthusiastic you are to learn more! It’s Feuilly this, and Feuilly that. Combeferre has never felt threatened by Courfeyrac, whose abilities lean more towards common sense, or Joly, whose abilities lean more towards the medicinal. Feuilly, on the other hand, knows everything about everything, and he had learned it alone, with no mother, father, or school to guide him. Combeferre knows he’s being petty and knows he has to find a way to resolve his pettiness before he meets Feuilly, lest he make the poor boy feel bad for no reason than his own pettiness. And he’s being unfair besides – no one wants to be an orphan.

So Combeferre’s a total mess about his feelings, and hasn’t resolved them at all by the time he meets Feuilly. He’s dreading meeting Feuilly, his stomach hurts, everything hurts – until he actually meets Feuilly. And then Feuilly is just so enthusiastic about meeting this person whom Enjolras admires so much and who loves learning, and Combeferre is so excited to meet someone who is as enthusiastic about all kinds of knowledge as he is that they hit it right off.

Everyday, it’s like, “BRO, did you know that –” and “NO, I did not. Did YOU know that–” until the Les Amis de l’ABC meeting begins. 




“Combeferre completed and corrected Enjolras.”

#lord what a good combeferre #they didn’t give him much to do #but god did he do it #this is a combeferre who is still conflicted #who hates what they are doing but does it anyway #because at the end of the day his place is here #but it still hurts to see his friends do these things #to see them take lives into their own hands like this #and it hurts all the more to know that they are not necessarily wrong to do so #and where does this leave the man who believes that the good must be innocent? #(it leaves him beside his friends #standing with them and pointing double pistols at the enemy #and trying to temper their actions and falling silent when he cannot #there are times when volcanoes are needed #and combeferre understands that this is such a time #even if it must feel rather like being a citizen of pompeii) (via kingedmundsroyalmurder)


sarahbob23 said: Enjolras introduces Combeferre to the kitten he found on the streets and decided to take home. Adorable fluffiness ensues

valerieannethelitfan said: Er oops I put it in your inbox too, but Enjolras and Combeferre and kittens. Please.

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commission for robertawickham!!

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Thank you so much!

Aww Hammy , I’ve missed your Amis!:D Seeing them again really shows off how much your art’s developed; I love those line weights!:D



hi!!! so!!! i’m pretty excited because i’ve been working on this for ages so… here is the first of my les mis tarot cards! the (incredibly ambitious) aim is to eventually complete an entire seventy-eight-card deck, based very heavily on the rider waite smith! i’m trying to incorporate the designs and symbolism from that deck into this one without taking the illustrations outside the realm of reality—or the realm of les mis canon, at least.
i have a couple of other cards drawn and many more planned so! watch this space! i hope you like them, and i’d love to hear any comments or feedback, especially if you’re also into tarot!!!

as you can tell i am sooo not going in any order, but here is the first of this series: the two of cups! featuring enjolras and combeferre~

this card is also dedicated to the super wonderful and lovely galvin lily ( @nozoelicchi) !!! happy birthday my beautiful friend!!!

Oh, wow this is gorgeous! I really like the way the gold of the cups is echoed in the rest of the picture (the caduceus on the book, the frames of Combeferre’s glasses, Enjolras’ hair) and the calm mood of the piece overall!