for the headcanons thing, canon-era courfeyrac!??!!! canon-era courfeyrac. i wish i had something more specific here… maybe canon-era courfeyrac shares canonical appartment with canon-era marius, heh


(I had written AN ENTIRE THING and then I lost it ARGH. let’s see if I can remember)

Canon era Courfeyrac is an excellent prompt!

  • He spends a lot of time on his hair. Those perfect curls? aren’t exactly what his hair looks like naturally. His hair is usually very wavy and goes in pretty much every direction. It looks quite charming, or at least he thinks so, but it’s not really the look he’s going for.
  • He’s worn corsets before – or at least tried to. He does make sacrifices for his appearance, but that’s one he’s not willing to make on a regular basis.
  • He doesn’t have nearly as many lovers and adventures as people seem to think he does. For one thing, he thinks they’re quite boring? what’s the use if you don’t make a strong emotional connection? Plus, he’s just too busy, in between school and plotting a revolution and rescuing lost puppies. He’s flattered people think he’s that charming, though!
  • Speaking of Marius – Courfeyrac has taken the habit of leaving his lights (candles) on much later than he used to, now that Marius lives with him. Just to let him know there’s someone waiting home for him – with bread and cheese and wine, if he wants it. Courfeyrac’s conflict with his own family isn’t nearly as dramatic as Marius’ – ‘divergent personalities’, Courfeyrac explains – but he knows what it is to feel like you’re on your own, and that little things like this can mean a lot.
  • He knows Enjolras trusts him to take over the group if anything happens to him – Combeferre is his right-hand man and Bahorel has more experience, but Courfeyrac knows best how to talk to people and organize a group and fuel the feelings and anger of the people into something productive. Enjolras has made sure to tell Courfeyrac that, and let him know he knows Courf can do it – but honestly? Courfeyrac isn’t sure he could, if it ever came down to it.

fic prompt – instead of Ben Wyatt reviewing tfa, how does enjolras feel about it?


“and now, it’s time for another episode of light things on fire! i’m your host courfeyrac, and sitting in with my today is enjolras!” 

jehan plays a single note on a small triangle, and the podcast gets under way.

“enjolras! what are we lighting on fire today?”

“the first order,” enjolras says immediately, leaning forward in his chair and gripping the microphone. “if the force awakens is about anything, other than proving to disney that men of color and women can helm a billion dollar recoup, and proving to the rest of us that capitalism is alive and well, it’s about fighting with everything you’ve got.”

“tell me more,” courfeyrac coos, and makes frantic shushing motions at jehan, who is humming john williams in the background. jehan looks afronted.

enjolras doesn’t even notice, too rapt. “it’s a movie about standing up, and – no spoilers, because some people didn’t make the midnight show -” grantaire feigns sleep in a corner “- it’s also a movie about helping your friends. it’s about standing up as a way of loving your friends. and that is why we’re going to light the first order on fire.”

courfeyrac strikes a match. “on your order, commander.”

enjolras grins.

Combeferre : I think you guys would be very happy here.
Enjolras: Oh, no, we’re not together. We’re not a couple. We’re definitely not a couple.
Courfeyrac: Wow, you seem pretty insulted by that. What, I’m not good enough for you?
Enjolras: We are not having this conversation again.

E/R and courferre double date


It happens once because objectively it seems like a great plan. They all get along really well and hell why not, this is what couples were supposed to do right?

But fifteen minutes into the date when courfeyrac has managed to make Grantaire switch places with him so he can talk to Enjolras about some rally or another, Grantaire realizes maybe this isn’t the best idea.

Combeferre, now sitting across from him seems to realize the same thing as he takes off his glasses and cleans them on the end of his shirt.

These two couples had one surprising thing in common, they were both banned from talking politics on date night. Grantaire and Enjolras because of the inevitable row that would come, and courfeyrac and Combeferre because they both knew it would quickly become all they talked about. But both courfeyrac and Enjolras seized the opportunity of having the other nearby to back them up and broke that rule five minutes in, and Grantaire was about to let out a long suffering sigh when he saw Combeferre doing the same thing. And when courfeyrac and Enjolras were sitting facing each other, leaning forward the fire of revolutionary passion lighting their eyes, Grantaire saw a fondness in Combeferre’s expression that matched his own.

Grantaire leaned forward carefully quiet, getting Combeferre’s attention and a raised eyebrow. “So like does courfeyrac do that thing, after reading an article that pisses him off, where he makes little grumbling noises and scrunched his nose like he is about to sneeze?”

Combeferre snorted and looked to the man with a smile before nodding. “As a matter of fact he does…does Enjolras ever wake you up in the middle of the night just to list off how important all his friends are to him?”

“He literally does it constantly.” Grantaire nodded with a huge grin. “Has courfeyrac ever done that thing were he gets a super earnest look on his face, and you think he is going to say something really important, then he just talks about how great Feuilly is?”

“Well it’s not always Feuilly but yes.” Combeferre nodded. “Wait, tell me, does Enjolras ever make you stop whatever you’re doing and just look at you like you’re the best thing in the world, and then just wander off without saying anything.”

Grantaire lit up at this. “Oh my god he does! Does courf just frown at a book sometimes. Doesn’t read it or anything just frowns at it.”

Combeferre was nodding, already laughing helplessly. “Dear lord, does enj also do that thing where he will suggest something incredibly illegal then look at you funny when you point out that he’ll probably get arrested.”

“All the time!” Grantaire giggled delighted. “Wait wait- tell me, does courfeyrac ever, just freeze, in the middle of doing something and then suddenly go off on a rant completely unrelated to anything?”

Combeferre had a huge grin on his face as he leaned forward to whisper to Grantaire. “He once stopped mid blow job to tell me about the wealth disparity in America.”

Grantaire could barely breathe around laughter at this point and reached across the table to pat Combeferre’s shoulder. “Well that’s a boner killer of there ever was one.” Combeferre blushed and Grantaire laughed, raising an eyebrow. “Or perhaps not.”

“I like it when he gets excited about things.” Combeferre shrugged trying to pretend he wasn’t embarrassed.

“No I understand-” Grantaire shook his head. “I mean Enjolras has ended up talking social justice in bed so many times it’s hard not to get turned on in meetings.”

Combeferre seemed delighted by this and was opening his mouth to say something when another voice cut in.

“Wait- is that why you get that glazed look?” Enjolras interjected and the two of them blinked, realizing that at some point Enjolras and courfeyrac had halted the conversation to listen to theirs. And the two of them seemed to be trying to choose between laughing harder and apologizing. In the end Grantaire chose the former and Combeferre the latter. After a couple of moments Combeferre and Enjolras switched seats so that everyone was facing their proper date again. There was an awkward couple of seconds before Grantaire got a very serious look on his face and reached across the table, taking Enjolras’s hand in his.

“Enjolras.” Grantaire said, earnest enough to hush the whole table, waiting to see what was so important. “Have I ever told you about how great Feuilly is?”

And Combeferre was gone. He had to set his head on the table as he shook with silent laughter and Grantaire cackled loud enough to draw looks from the rest of the people in the restaurant.

This was the first and last double date this group went on.


Alright *slams fist against my desk* I need Courfeyrac to be the badass he is okay. I love goofy puppy Courfeyrac as much as the rest of you, but I want to see the center, who feels everything so fiercely yell at the tv screen. I am done with Courfeyrac who doesn’t care about the Cause. I want to see Courfeyrac who plots with Enjolras and Combeferre into the wee hours of the night and Enjolras and Combeferre have to calm him down to get him to actually sleep.

I want Enjolras and Courfeyrac going behind Combeferre’s back to do something vaguely illegal because I am tired of Combeferre and Enjolras going behind courfeyrac’s back pretty much all the time. 

I want to see Courfeyrac and Enjolras’ friendship and how much they care about each other. I want to see Courfeyrac getting mad at R for calling Enjolras heartless because he knows how much it hurts Enjolras to hear that from Grantaire of all people. I want High school AUs with Courfeyrac in detention every day after school because he was starting shit with Enjolras and doesn’t have the family connections to get out of trouble.

And I want to see Courfeyrac and Combeferre’s friendship outside of just shipping. I want to see Courfeyrac staying up during exam week with Combeferre making him coffee because he is a total enabler and quizzing with him because he knows it’s important. I want to see Courfeyrac yell at anyone who calls Combeferre a nerd in high school, and still do it in college when Combeferre shoots up almost a foot and bulks up from all the books he carries and is much bigger than Courfeyrac and can probably defend his own honor.

I love partying Courfeyrac and best friend ever courfeyrac but goddamn give me passionate Courfeyrac, who is impulsive and definitely didn’t think it through when he punched a senator in the jaw after he tried to dismiss Enjolras with a slur. Impulsive Courfeyrac who doesn’t study and sometimes to party but other times to drive across country to get to a rally he heard about. 

I love all the comedic banter Courfeyrac but give me some angry crying courfeyrac, who is debating with someone, totally sobbing but not stopping for a second.

I love all courfeyrac but I am missing passionate Courfeyrac. We need more of that Courfeyrac.

Enjolras it’s been a week and you’ve already managed to gather a cult

Courfeyrac, skyping Enjolras from separate universities (via les-amis-hs-au)