Follow You, Follow Me (103393 words) — Chapter 19

As Enjolras moved, Grantaire got up from the couch and sat on the coffee table.  By the time Enjolras got himself into a sitting position, words were coming more easily, but his voice, when it emerged, was rough, like he’d smoked a few too many cigarettes.  “You came.”

Another soft smile.  “What are friends for?”

“Is that what we are?”

Grantaire’s smile fell.

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Read on [1–one] … [18–eighteen] [19–nineteen]

March 26, 2016: It’s been TWO DAYS SHY OF A YEAR.  *hangs head in shame*  But I’m about to have a super, super awful day, and for some reason that gave me the impetus I needed to finally finish this chapter.  I’m so, so sorry for the wait.  But I appreciate the patience of every single one of you who’s still following this story.

…no pun intended.  ^_~



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Livestream – Daddy Long Legs


WHAT.  Oh my God.  This is amazing!!!!

Livestream – Daddy Long Legs