Thank you! I’ve got some ideas off pilferingapple’s reblog and seeing as this is due in tomorrow (2am completion, here I come….) don’t worry about it ^_^ thank you for all your help through all of this, it’s been so useful! I would love to show you the finished product (even though it is ***awful***) but I’ll have to check with my teacher – sometimes they don’t like us sharing our coursework online :(

You’re welcome, nonny!  I’m just so glad I was able to help you out in some small way.  ^_^  And don’t stress about showing the finished product to me – if your teacher doesn’t want you to do that, I respect that.  Hopefully they’ll disagree with your “awful” assessment, too!  You’ve but a lot of work and a lot of passion into this thing and you deserve to have that recognized.  I hope it goes well for you and I wish you the best of luck in the future – don’t be a stranger!  ^_^

guess who’s back, essay anon’s back :’) i was wondering if you could give me some pointers on why the thenardiers treat eponine so badly once the inn has closed down? i’m finding it difficult to get quotes.. thank youu!

Hello, essay nonny!  ^_^  I hope you’ve been well!

Anyway, I unfortunately don’t have time to go looking atm (have company coming over in 15 minutes O_o;;;), but I’m sure it exists.  (Though I’m afraid it may boil down to “The Thenardiers are just all around awful people.”  😛  So until I have time to do a bit of digging, I’ll toss it out to my followers.  Anyone have any thoughts?

Hello hello hello!! Essay nonny back again :) I was just wondering what your opinion on Marius and Cosette’s relationship is? Do you think it’s fair to compare to Romeo and Juliet (I mean, whatever your opinion on R+J is, that’s a whole other story!) or do you think there’s a much deeper connection? I’ve seen arguments for both and I’m trying to work out which side to argue ^_^

Hello, essay nonny!  ^_^  Sorry I didn’t get back to you yesterday–Wednesday’s are my longest days.

ANYWAY, I’m afraid I may not be as much help to you on this one because I haven’t actually gotten to the section of the Brick yet when they meet.  And my opinion on R&J is actually kind of in massive flux at the moment, so I’m not really sure what I feel about that.  -.-;;;

I mean, there are certainly some parallels, but I’m not sure it’s really a direct parallel?  Both couples are relatively young (though R&J are younger, IIRC?), and both Juliet and Cosette are somewhat sheltered, though to varied degrees and for quite different reasons.  But the impediments to Marius and Cosette’s relationship are vastly different.  For example, I certainly couldn’t see Lord Capulet disguising himself, running off in the middle of the night, and risking his own life by getting in the middle of a revolution just to go save Romeo when he finds out Juliet is in love with him!  ^_~  It’s an entirely different dynamic.

And as for whether or not there’s a deeper connection, again, I guess that depends on how deep you feel the connection is between R&J?  Also, Marius fell and Cosette fell in love over the course of months, not the day that is often portrayed in the musical.  So, it’s a slightly different ball game, I think.

But I know there are people on my dash who are way more knowledgeable both about Marius and Cosette AND about Romeo and Juliet, so many one of them will want to weigh in?  ^_^

HEY WOW OKAY essay anon again – i was having a few days off internet to concentrate on work so to come back to that beauty of a javert meta is great! i was dithering on whether to use javert or not but i’ll just look at his musical religion (+ how and why different to book, etc, i can criticise that as an unreliable source actually!) and what he has faith in in the book (i.e. the law) – bc faith and love are very intertwined so i can probably get away with it :’)

A few days away from the internet can be a wonderful thing.  ^_^  And it sounds like you have a pretty good plan in place, then.  ^_^  I’m glad I was able to help!  Good luck, and feel free to pop by again any time you like.  ^_^

heyyy! it’s me, the les mis essay anon, again. i was wondering about javert’s christian faith in the novel? as in, is it existent? i havent finished the book but from what i’ve read and flicked through so far, i cant see any mention of javert being a christian, yet it’s a central part of the musical. is it just added in to the songs for juxtaposition with valjean or am i missing something?! thank youu <3



Hello, essay nonny!  So good to hear from you again!  ^_^  I’d wondered how your were getting on.

Anyway, to answer your question in short… Javert’s really intense and personal Christian faith really is a creation of the musical.  In the book, he is half Romani and he is religious, but only insofar as an upright man of society is supposed to be.  Ultimately, what he “worships” is Authority.  Now, the Church is an Authority, so in that way, he worships it, but it generally doesn’t go much further than that.  That deeply personal relationship that he has with G-d and Christianity in most versions of the musical is really not there in the book.

Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, there was a really amazing meta I read about that that I’m pretty sure I reblogged…  Lemme look.  ^_^


A-ha!!  Found it!  ^_^  There’s a lot of good stuff in there, complete with quotes from the Rose translation, and it seems as though @timegoddessrose (…who tumblr won’t let me tag for some reason?? O_o;;; OK, I think I got the tag to work. I guess we’ll see. ^_^) might be a good resource to ask about anything more detailed.  I hope that helps!  ^_^

WOW HI HELLO i only just saw this so hopefully this wasn’t sitting in my tag for too long (because the in-post tag def didn’t work. curse you tumblr).

holy wow, i haven’t even thought about javert in ages and I AM RUSTY AS HECK, but yes hi hello i am here for javert things.

ugh, the musical’s presentation of javert. to sort of deal with the latter part of anon’s ask, of course i can’t know for sure, but i suspect javert was made Super Personally Religious in the musical out of laziness …er, i mean…yeahno, laziness. it’s “cleaner” and easier to do it that way; it’s cutting a massive corner to get certain themes into the musical by hijacking and kinda destroying a character (javert is in no way unique here. HELLO EPONINE, HOW YA DOIN’? :/). so yeah, part of that is juxtaposition with valjean, but it’s really just lazy and a side effect of the intense abridgment of adaptation (although it doesn’t have to be. i reject this popular idea that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to adapt material without destroying it. what bs).

the thing about javert, and so many of the characters, in the brick is that he Very Clearly Represents A Specific Thing. the musical, by trying to heap on several things to a markedly smaller cast of characters in a massive effort to condense, loses a lot of the narrative clarity of the brick.

the whole POINT of javert is that he represents man made law and the dangerous margin of error therein. tying that up with divine law and a personal relationship to god in the musical, instead of the very generalized, unthinking conformity to religion in a shallow sense that we see in the brick, muddies one of the points hugo was trying to make with the character. it makes javert’s revelation that he is beholden to something higher than man made law completely moot.

like, you just can’t take a character whose religion, whose god, is law and order, who has never really stopped to ponder the question of god for himself outside of that context, and turn him into someone with a deeply personal relationship to god and religion (not Order As God, or Law As God, but Actual Divinity) and think you’re replicating the same character. like, i get that in the musical they’re trying to tie together javert’s dedication to law and order to his relationship with god, in order to kill two birds with one stone, but that’s just…MISSING THE POINT ENTIRELY???


i suppose this is what happens when you try to condense a 1,000+ page novel into a stage musical that at its longest only ran three hours or so, and aren’t being particularly careful about how you do it. STILL, I FEEL LIKE THEY DIDN’T EVEN TRY WHEN IT COMES TO JAVERT. FFFFF.

of course, i am 105% biased, but ya know.

WOW I’M SORRY THIS IS LONG. apparently i still have a lot to say about javert? in short, “stars” is a lovely song that has no business coming out of javert’s mouth. :p

Oh gosh!  No need to apologize!  And I think I posted this maybe two days ago?  So it hasn’t been that long.  Stupid tumblr not letting me @ certain people.  Why, tumblr?  WHY??  😛  Anyway, this totally did not come off as rusty!  ^_^  And I always felt the same way about Stars–that it just flat out doesn’t make sense as a Javert song, but I could never articulate why.  THIS IS WHY.  So, thank you.  ^_^

And I am ALWAYS up for Javert talk, but don’t always feel qualified to offer an opinion because I’m only really halfway through the brick?  So, thank you for jumping in!

(Essay nonny, if you’re still around, here is more good Javert meta for you, but as I suspected, it kind of disproves what you were probably trying to use Javert as an example for.  Sorry!)