From Takahiro Arai’s twitter. In memoriam. 

In the accompanying tweet, he notes that coming to this part, it was really hard to draw. 

I’ll just be over here, curled up into a ball of sadness over this last chapter again now.



the two most unimpressed Jedi in the galaxy. Everyone was surprised, and Qui-Gon looks over at Obi-Wan like he just won a bet as to how long she would keep the charade going. 

#this is exactly what it looks like though #obi-wan’s like ‘damn just lost twenty credits’ #and qui-gon just looks at him like #‘does obi-wan realize- yep obi-wan realizes’ #‘twenty credits for me yay ’#i wonder if obi-wan got to hand over those twenty credits before qui-gon died #OH NO NOW I’M SAD


Star Wars : The Year Awakens

Day 7 | Favorite Friendship

Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi