Les Amis and Family background


A quick rundown of what we know about Amis and their families, book-canon specific, for people looking for fic reference! 

Standard disclaimer: this is a reference, not a rulebook. Use it if it’s useful for you, ignore it if it isn’t!

Most of it’s from 3.4.1:

Their politics have nothing to do with their parents at all, in any direction:

“According to the flesh, their fathers were, or had been, Feuillants, Royalists, Doctrinaires; it hardly mattered; this earlier hurly-burly had nothing to do with them.”  (FMA translation).

(according to the flesh=their biological fathers, not metaphorical, philosophical,etc)

Enjolras and Prouvaire are wealthy and only children

Courfeyrac avoids using the de  that’s part of his family name, and which has traditionally indicated some kind of aristocracy (think Marquis de Lafayette)

Feuilly’s parents are either dead or totally vanished

Bossuet’s father is dead; very likely his mother too; he’s gotten and lost his inheritance already

Bahorel’s managed to get his parents’ respect, somehow, and : “He said of them: ‘They are peasants and not bourgeois; which explains their intelligence.’ “

Later, in Preliminary Gayeties, we have Grantaire claiming his father despised him because Grantaire is bad at math. There’s no way of knowing how accurate this is; all the above claims about the other Amis’ folks are bolstered by the narration in some way, but we only have Grantaire’s word on the math thing, and he’s an arguably unreliable narrator at the point where he says it. But there it is! 

And that’s it! Let me know if anyone needs specific quotes, wants more era reference, possible Real History background info on anything, etc. 


is 19 too old to be living with my family?




Nope! 🙂 You’re never too old. 

My sister’s 28 now – she still lives here. My 22 year old brother and I (19 and a half) live here, too. You’re never too old, don’t worry. ❤

33yo here checking in, got a brother 3 years my junior and we’re both living with the parents. The four of us are currently looking for a nice 3 bedroom house to move into when Mom retires in a few years. Every person is different, and every family unit is different. Find what works and don’t bother listening to people who don’t know your situation, basically.

37 year old checking in here.  My parents and my uncle have properties that share a fence.  (My Uncle’s house is one of the two houses my mother grew up in.)  I lived on my own from the time I was 27 until I was 32 and an injury (and consequent loss of income) forced me to move back home.  I still live with my Uncle, with my parents across the backyard, and all four of us eat dinner together whenever we can.  And, don’t get me wrong, I loved having my own place, but you know what?  What I have now is kind of amazing, too, especially because my Uncle isn’t young and he’d otherwise be living alone.  But because he has lived alone a decent portion of his life, he respects my privacy and I respect his, but neither of us is alone unless we want to be, and that’s pretty great.  ^_^  Also, my former neighbor is about 30 years older than I am and moved back in with her parents when she was in her late 40s, early 50s, and lived with them until they both passed away.  You’re never too old to live with your family, whether they be your spouse/children, your parents, extended family, or found family.  You’re doing just fine.  ^_^