Question @people who were already actively reading fic back in the 90′s early 2000′s etc.:

Since I have a preference for older fandoms I keep ending up on older fic archives too, but I’m personally really more of an AO3-generation type person since I literally only started reading fic back in 2013 and ao3 is where I read my first stories..

SO on ao3 fic length/’size’ gets measured in WORDCOUNT (which.. makes sense to me and is something I can sort of work with to make an approximation of how long something is gonna take me to read etc.)

BUT on older fic archives I tend to see things get measured by.. idek what exactly? but? you end up with fic sizes like “55K” or.. “200K” and.. to me ‘K’ means thousand? but they most definitely do not mean 200 thousand WORDS, so..

is it FILESIZE?? like.. 200 KB if you save it as a textfile??? or?? what.. just.. W H A T ?

I’m pretty sure it’s file size because that mattered with dial-up. I think 4K roughly corresponds to 1000 words.

I’ve never felt… so old…. in my life

wait till the children find out we had to split up our “long” stories into parts because the way you got fanfic was through a mailing list and was rude to send a whole long story in one email. (and by “long” I mean like 20,000 words. that would be split up into five or six parts.)

because… what if you sent someone a long story and their email inbox got COMPLETELY FULL. then they’d miss other important emails. that was a thing that could happen. TRUE FANDOM HISTORY FACTS

*xxx * means bold!
_xxx_ means italic!
//xxx// means thoughts or song lyrics!

True, all of the above is true! The first fanfic I ever wrote was split into four emails and sent out to an email list. In fact, for a few years I composed fanfic *in my email at work* because I had no computer at home and no better place on my work computer to store it.

And eventually, you got good at gauging the length of the stories by the K size too.  Like, this story’s only 5, 10K, okay, that’s a fast read, I can get through that in my internet time before school in the morning.  But if it was a story that was something along the lines of 5 separate parts/files, and each file was listed as 90K?  Save that one for the weekend…or copy/paste it to another file to read offline so you don’t end up spending hours on dial-up and then getting yelled at by your parents when the next phone bill comes in.  That or just print out the story, stick it in a binder, so when you’re reading it in class it actually looks like you’re working…

This was more common with the fic archives of the time as compared to the e-mail lists.  And, at least with the specific archive I’m thinking of, all of those stories had to be uploaded and posted as a text file, which was hell on the formatting too, iirc. 





Holy crap.

“The Dark-Hunter Series and the Shadowhunter Series are so similar that CLARE’S
own publisher mistakenly printed 100,000 copies of a Shadowhunter Book referencing the DarkHunter
Mark on the cover.”

#those who don’t know their history are doomed to COPY ENTIRE PARAGRAPHS OF IT WORD FOR WORD (into-the-weeds)

#all of this has happened before and all of this will happen again.










Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (deleted scene)

Seriously though, this scene. WHY DID THEY DELETE THIS SCENE?

And as they went away with Luke letting Han’s hand trail out of his, I thought, “…as though millions of Han/Luke shipper voices suddenly cried out and were silenced.”

In all my days I’ve never shipped this till…

Welp, if I didn’t ship it before…

True story from ancient fandom corner: people did ship it, and that shit was stomped on harder than any slash has ever been stomped on. There were lawsuits. SW slash went WAY underground–even in the days when all slash was underground. There were ‘zines, but they were precious as carbuncles and basically if you had one or wrote in one you were like a fucking badass slash bandit.

I may have reblogged this before but I am compelled to do so again.

Let’s all raise a glass to the badass slash bandits who have come before.

There’s no way in fuck anyone has ever though of a carbuncle as precious, I thought:


1. a severe abscess or multiple boil in the skin, typically infected with staphylococcus bacteria. synonyms: boil, sore, abscess, pustule, wen.

and then I saw:

 2. a bright red gem, in particular a garnet cut en cabochon.

English is stupid and amazing.

Also, why was that scene taken out come on.