because the fandom needs more happy Fantine + everyone remembers that scene where JVJ decides not to go to the trial and goes instead to get cosette; he brings her back to Fantine and she sees her and gets better (just like she said she would!)

That was such a good scene! I especially liked when they all had cake and then went to pick out a nice house with a garden! 

(and this is such a sweet picture of them both, I love their matching giant grins!) 


50 Films Challenge – Favourite Musical – Les Misérables

This is the land I fought for liberty,
now when we fight, we fight for bread
Here is the thing about equality,
everyone’s equal when they’re dead.



double quartette – four of wands!
i actually finished this one a while ago but i completely forgot i hadn’t yet posted it… i still have a couple of reservations about this choice of scene in that it obviously has a sense of ~foreboding~  which i don’t think the four of wands shares, but otherwise it fits really nicely, especially visually so,,, i am defeated

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I’m so glad you’re still doing these! What a beautiful composition. I’m so delighted about Zephine and Dahlia holding hands; I always hope they at least stayed in touch after the Surprise.

(also the soft purple on the walkway stones works SO well with the green shadows!) 


Rose Laurens (Fantine), Fabienne Guyon (Cosette), Marianne Mille (Eponine) and Marie-France Roussel (Mme Thénardier), Les misérables original Paris stage cast, 1980